This amazing beacon of light is a reminder of who we already are: a beautiful light essence born from unconditional loving energy… one with All That Is.

My purpose is to lead people back to remembering their Light – the unconditionally loving essence of our souls.  It is time to remember we are part of all energetic universal consciousness

My mission is to remind us there is nothing within us broken that needs to be “fixed”. Life is simply a process of releasing perceptions of who we are not, to remember who we already are … an amazing, loving light consciousness, one with all spiritual energy.  

We are connected by Spirit the living, energetic force, existing in every molecule throughout the multiverses. As a Spiritual Interpreter, I have remembered how to telepathically speak with the consciousness of all energy forms to bring forth Divine Guidance from other realms. As a Self Empowerment Coach, I have learned tools to teach you how to empower yourself, intuitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In my work, Spirituality is the connectivity of all energetic beings causing the evolution of unconditionally loving consciousness throughout time.

The term I associate with unconditional loving energy is God. To truly feel this energy is to be embraced by all encompassing, unconditional love in every cell of your being.

Would you like to unconditionally Love yourself? Are you willing to be the kind of person who sees reasons to love who you are and who you are not? It is time to choose. 

Are you willing to shift into a thought consciousness of courage instead of victim-hood, knowing you are responsible for everything happening in your life? To do this requires the decision to choose to operate from the spiritual right brain consciousness of love instead of the ego left brain consciousness of fear.

Can you see, feel and hear the loving Spiritual Being, existing in you and each and every one of us? Will you choose to empower yourself to create choices, energy, vitality, actions and responses that come from love?

This amazing Light attracts those who are ready to “Awaken Your Light”. You are now ready to give yourself the greatest gift possible unconditional love of self. And once you accept and love you, you can accept and love all others. I am honored to guide you along this journey of empowering yourself to choose unlimited thoughts, possibilities and solutions to create a life you love.

Welcome “Home” to you – you beautiful Light of Love!



Karen Cressman


*Namaste’ (Na-ma-stay) – Sanskrit word meaning the divine in me honors and blesses the divine in you. In truth…we are one…the “I Am” presence.