2010 WOW Newsletters

What is your Intentional Dart Board?, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year…

…for it truly is the beginning of a wonderful New Year for all who open their arms to fly in this new wave of spiritual ascension. We would like to recap several points that we told all of you during the New Year’s Night interpretation.

New Year’s Eve was a powerful time for the final surge and release of the Karmic reverb many of you experienced from the tremendous releasing of Karma and cell memory you chose to let go of in 2009. You had a blue moon (second full moon of the month), a partial eclipse (darkness pulls out the shadow self to be addressed when light returns) and the last day of 2009 (a completion year). If you have released, forgiven and let go of all hurts, misunderstandings, resentments, dis-ease, judgments, and right/wrong perceptions (yes, that is a monumental mission! – why else would 2009 have been so challenging for you and the planet!!) then you are ready to sail in the new winds of 2010. Those of you who need more time, the first 15 days of January will allow the final releasing. Write everything down you wish to release, and burn it. Alchemy is the chemical transformation of all energy into another form. Burning it will transform it into the universe to become anew. Make sure you do this before January 15th for the greatest effect.

2009 was a year of releasing. Much of what you attempted to manifest got chopped up by multiple forces of resistance. 2010 brings in a new energy of creation. Now you can manifest with a clean, crisp, pure blank slate of possibility and watch things sail towards you, provided you have released and cleared your emotional resistance — very, very ,very important! If you have not released your “baggage” you will feel like you are back in the undertow being knock down again every time you attempt to step forward. If you have let go, set your intention and enjoy the ride!!!

The key to having an abundant 2010 is your complete emotional surrender and powerful visual intentions. What are you sailing towards? What is your dart board? How does the boat know where to go if there is no charted course? Choose with excitement, love and passion the “ports” you are heading for. Have a colorful vision of the places, people, events, activities, accomplishments and results you desire. The winds of 2010 will easily assist you in arriving, as long as you don’t get in your own way. Let go of resistance…let go of thinking “but last year….” …that energy is complete if you choose. Believe in unlimited possibilities…trust in yourself…know you are worthy…believe in the alchemy of the universe…be peace…align with the oneness of the universe…and, most importantly, choose Love. This is how all of your dreams can come true.

Happy Soaring…


The Wise Ones

Honor all Sources on your Planet in the Perfection of Oneness, January 18, 2010

As a little girl, Karen struggled with the idea of killing an animal to eat for her to stay alive. She did not know at the time that she had lived in other worlds that do not require a food chain to survive; she just knew that it did not align with her heart and connection to all living beings. Eventually, she just accepted what is, like many of you, and lived with it to the best of her ability.

Then, many years later, Karen read the book, “The Mutant Message” by Marlo Morgan. It is a true story about the author’s journey on a walk about with an aboriginal tribe. One of the messages in the book struck a chord with Karen because the tribe would pray every morning and set the intention to invite the souls of the food (plant and animal) that were willing to sacrifice their lives to bless the tribe with their vital force. At the meal they would again bless the souls that honored them with nourishment and sustenance. That concept resonated with Karen so much that she continues the practice today.

Many of you have seen the movie “Avatar”. The natives of the planet Pandora also honored the food that died at their hands to serve the greater good. We would like to expand this concept for all of you.

The animals, plants, minerals, vitamins, water, oxygen and anything you need to survive have chosen their roles to support the energy of this planet and existence. Whenever a “source” chooses to sacrifice itself for another that is the purpose it came to complete on Earth. Many of you think that just pertains to animals. Not so. All of life is here to support and expand consciousness in your universe. When one soul merges with another soul’s essence, the two create a synergy of oneness, expansion and growth of both parts. It is a light connection that expands energy, truth and the vital force of your planet and universe.

Where your planet has gotten totally out of sync with the purity and truth of the energetic synergy of souls is by forgetting to honor and respect the intention and commitment of all “sources” involved. When you forget, you create an ego/negative low vibrating frequency that enters your body as dis-ease. Eventually that frequency will become large enough to manifest illness. When you pray over your food and honor the souls that sacrificed themselves to merge with you, you lift the frequency to a loving place and alter any abuse that may have happened to the animal when it was living or that it experienced in dying.

The importance of 2012 is to align your planet in the light of Love and the oneness of your energy. Honoring all sources that support life for each other is a valuable piece to understand for your planet to spiritually evolve. We invite you to, from this day forth, choose to Love and honor all sources on your planet in the perfection of oneness, synergistic energy, truth and growth as your universe spiritually expands.


The Wise Ones

Mother Earth and the Balance of Life, February 1, 2010

Many of you have seen the movie “Avatar”. We want to talk about a statement made in the movie that greatly applies to your planet at this time. “Eywa (God/Spirit) does not take sides…only protects the balance of life.” When you look at the situation in Haiti it is human to ask why this is happening to a country already struggling. The answer is in the statement above. Mother Earth is balancing her frequencies.

Areas of poverty, low income and people struggling to survive are areas of low frequency. Even when people have hope and believe in something different, if the underlying focus is on what you do not have and what isn’t here yet, the energy the universe feels from you or that area puts it into a low frequency field of attraction. When you focus on getting or achieving what you do not have, you continually keep yourself from attracting it because you are not sending out the radar signal that aligns with the frequency you want. That is what many call the “resistance” that prevents your dreams and desires from coming true. There are many locations on your planet that vibrate from the underlying frequency of mass consciousness.

Remember your thoughts are signals to the universe. These signals go out in a pattern like radar not a light beam. Radar finds the matching signal/frequency that it is programmed to find. This is why it is crucial in the energies of 2010 to powerfully set your intentions and focus on the joy and gratitude that you feel from the excitement of your visions. If you find yourself going back to what isn’t there, state your intention again and know, with faith, trust and certainty that it is in the process of being found for you. How can it not be? You sent the radar signal/intention/gratitude that will find the matching frequency. When you put your order in at a restaurant for a meal, do you constantly question the waitress if the food has been grown and delivered and cooked yet? NO. You trust that your order is in place and the matching plate of food will arrive in a certain time frame. It is time to have faith and trust that your dreams and desires will arrive in accordance with the frequency you send out.

The devastation in Haiti is overwhelming for all of you to see. Know that all of the souls involved choose to be a part of this to change history and Karma for that country. Mother Earth is assisting by balancing the frequency. The country went from being lost in poverty one minute to being loved by the whole world the next minute. Your love, donations, prayers and intentions for Haiti to be rebuilt, renewed and revitalized are the greatest gifts you can give to the souls and survivors that choose to take part in rewriting and rebalancing the energy of that area of Mother Earth. And, when you project love to all of them, you in turn receive the same frequency of love for yourself, your vibrations and your intentions. The result: Peace, Love, Acceptance and Oneness throughout your entire planet. That is the balance that is possible for all at this time…if you choose.


The Wise Ones

Unconditional Love, February 14, 2010

February 14th 2010 is the new moon of this month. We love to bring you new ideas and ways to think on the new moons so you can align with the support of your planetary system to flow into your new intentions. This is an extra powerful day because it is also the Chinese New Year. With that in mind, we have a request to make from all of you. This Valentine’s Day we ask that you shift from having this day be about others and make it about yourself. 2010 is a new beginning decade. It is time to love YOU fully, completely and unconditionally. It is time to love yourself for who you are and who you are not. Sunday, February 14th, 2010 we ask you to commit to the intention of Loving yourself fully, completely and unconditionally and allow that love to create the heart center that your light radiates from.

What does this look like? How do I love myself unconditionally? Love who you are and who you are not. You can not be all skill sets in every carbon structure and lifetime. You choose certain ones to work with and learn from each time. If you are a detailed organizer, you are not someone who easily jumps into a new project. If you are someone who is good at directions, you are not someone who gets lost easily. If you are a wonderful support person and follower, you are not someone who easily leads the group. If you are a visionary, you are not someone who can easily get involved with the steps it takes to put the project in place. Love that you are not all of the above. The beauty of your planet is that you all balance each other with your talents. Accept, embrace and be grateful for who you are and who you are not.

Forgive yourself for anything you regret or “mistakes” that you think you have made. Unforgiveness is dis-ease and will manifest into illness if you prolong those thought processes. All decisions made were made based on the facts and figures present at the moment. When facts and figures change, you get to make a new decision. How could the initial decision be a mistake if your intention was to make the best decision at that time? Stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself for making the best decisions possible at the moment.

Choose to create the intention of vibrant health and vital energy. Stop focusing on food, diets and weight. When you create an intention, your third eye acts as a beacon for the radar signal to go out into the universe and find a matching frequency. If you are focusing on vibrant health and you see a candy bar that frequency will not resonate with vibrant health. An apple, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, etc. will. When you focus on not eating junk or not gaining weight, your radar will find the matching frequency of junk and weight.

It is time to Love YOU into vibrant health and vital energy. Your planet’s frequency has been getting higher and higher with many energy portals being opened. Having excess weight on is like flying an air balloon with excess sandbags in it. You will not get off of the ground. Or, how can you flow with the river of life wearing lead shoes? Many of you have already noticed changes in your eating patterns. Good! This must occur for you to align with the higher frequencies. Choose foods that are high in light energy – those that have gone through a photosynthesis process. Meats and grains will ground you. Your society needed those to gravitate you when the earth’s magnetic frequency was low. You no longer need the same amounts. In fact, now you need a lot less.

February 14, 2010 give yourself the gift of looking in a mirror, smile into your eyes and say I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY with passion, commitment and truth. You will know when you do because no person, statement or event will ever cause you to abuse the body/temple your soul was given to shine in. Stand in your heart center with love for yourself as the core of your light. And miraculously, that Love/Light will radiate to everything and everyone you touch, meet and come in contact with from this day forth. That is the true gift with wish for all of you this Valentine’s/New Year/New Moon Day.


The Wise Ones

Do You Respect all Elements of your Life?, March 1, 2010

You have heard us talk about the frequencies of emotions, foods, and events in your world. Today we want to add another huge piece to that conversation. Since everything in your world is an electrical frequency, everything is movement …everything has flow …everything has a rhythm, density and volume …everything is in action ….everything is in harmony within its structure …and, as a result, everything has a magnetic resonance of attraction. Yes, that means a rock, the ground, a wall, the concrete pavement, your home, the clothes you wear, the building you work in, the car you drive, the plastic bottle you drink from, the currency you pay with, the rugs you walk on, the plants in your pots, the trees in your yard, etc. Everything in your world is a living moving “being”. Do you respect and handle each and every element with Love and care?

We have been watching and listening to the resounding mass consciousness and the answer is “NO”. Many of you keep questioning why you are not attracting your dreams or why you have so much chaos in your life or why you can’t seem to “get out from under debt”. What consciousness level are you giving to everything in your life? Remember the “Laws of Attraction” – what energy you send out, echoes back and echoes back and echoes back. Is your work environment, car or home messy or dirty? Those are three huge areas of energy attractors in your life. The frequency you maintain in those areas will pull like frequencies to you. How you handle your clothes, food, pets, checkbook, desk, closets, plants, yard, tools, etc will have a major impact on everything else you do, touch and say.

Many of you are under the impression that if your intention is pure, the universe will know what to provide and the frequency of your speaking, thoughts and actions don’t get in the way. We are here to let you know that is not truth. Mathematics and electrical molecular movements are pure. Every bit of information, letter, character, number, fiber, and element is a constant. How you combine and use them varies the equation. How could your binary code work any other way? The purity, consistency and truth of your scientific structure are what allow your world to function. Kinesiology works because of that purity. You can measure the frequency of words, names, numbers, phrases, documents, foods, music, speeches, missions, decisions, people, places, things, events, etc because of the mathematical electrical molecular movement of the elements of your world. It works all the time, everywhere, with everything, in every thought, in every statement, in every action, in every choice …always.

Choosing to respect every element of your life will cause you to soar higher in a loving, 5th dimensional existence and allow you to flow more freely in the beauty and magnificence of this glorious spiritual ascension process.


The Wise Ones

How do the Frequencies of Food Affect Our Emotions?, March 15, 2010

We have talked with you before about the frequency of food and we would like to expand upon that now. Many of you are experiencing changes in your taste buds and what you want to eat. The more consciously you align with the spiritual shift of your planet at this time, the easier you will adjust to physically align with the changes. If you are unconsciously eating foods that are out of alignment with the planetary spiritual changes, then you will have more physical health issues.

What does this mean exactly? Like numbers, letters, words and symbols, all of your foods have a different frequency as well. The more processed the food, the lower the energy value or chi your body will receive from that food. Fake or faux (we love that classy term English uses for not real!) ingredients (i.e. artificial flavorings and food colorings) have no energy value because they are in a molecular state that your bodies do not recognize. Therefore they simply store as toxins in your cells. Those of you who have a lot of allergy symptoms should address the quantities of faux ingredients in the highly processed, sugary and fast foods that you are eating. The more you eat on a regular basis, the more toxins you store in your cells and colon and the more your immune system is worn down from attempting to keep your body cleansed. If you do not stop the intake, your body will shut down in one form or another in a state of dis-ease.

These faux, highly processed, high caloric and fast foods align with the lowest emotional energies of shame, guilt, blame, fear, grief and anger. Many of you call them “comfort foods”. And what is it you are comforting? — your feeling separated from love and negative emotions. The catch 22 is that by eating these foods, you are imprisoning your emotions and body in a low frequency. None of these foods have vital energy/chi which supports vibrant health. Sugar, soda, caffeine, alcohol, artificial food coloring, corn syrup, instant foods, candy, white flour, sweets, snack foods, cookies, non-juice beverages, etc will cause you roller coaster emotions, a victim state of consciousness and keep you in a low frequency. Sugar, white flour, artificial ingredients and caffeine are some of the most addictive substances on your planet. You are basically pouring fuel on the fire of your emotions and no amount of anti-depressants will compensate for long. Eventually you will just need more or another quick fix.

Proteins and whole grain foods align with the frequencies of courage, willingness, and acceptance. They are grounding foods and with the current low magnetic resonance of the planet, many of you will find that eating too much of them makes you feel like lead is in your system. However, there will be times that you will need the grounding they offer and the stabilizing centeredness they provide.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans hold light energy and therefore align with the energies of love, peace, oneness, laughter and joy. This is why the masters, gurus, and spiritual leaders of your planet thrive on these foods. They are vibrant “light workers” because their bodies are sourced with vibrant foods. To grow spiritually, you must source yourself with the energies that align with the higher spiritual consciousness of ascension and enlightenment. Your planet is going to continue to receive huge shifts of energy as you move into a 5th and 6th dimensional existence. To float and flow freely in these new waves of energy, it is very important to source the lighthouse of your soul with the energy resources that will support your journey during this amazing time of human ascension.


The Wise Ones

Veils of Subconscious Programming, April 6, 2010

Many of you have heard the term “veils” in relationship to the “other side”. Today we want to clarify what “veils” truly mean from a spiritual perspective. You are all a beautiful gold white spiritual light/ essence. Many of you came in with Karma – old issues you have not forgiven. Each issue becomes a “veil”. Then your Mother scolds you, your sister pulls your hair, your father yells, the minister says you are a sinner, the teacher says you did it wrong, the bully calls you a nerd, the TV shows that you are not rich, popular, pretty/handsome or sexy enough…and you take on many, many, many more layers/veils to what was already there. As a result, you are this beautiful light with many layers of “veils”/wrappings around you. The more layers you hold onto, the less others can see your light. The more layers you hold onto, the less you remember your true identity. The more layers you hold onto, the lower your vibrational frequency. That is what keeps you in a victim mentality.

Based on the above, where are your manifestations coming from? You may be thinking about your heart’s desires and ask for it powerfully, but your veils are part of your subconscious programming. So what is actually projecting out most of the time is a fraction of your desires. Heart’s desires/veils of subconscious = how life shows up. The secret to manifesting your dreams is to let go of the “veils of subconscious programming” that you have been holding onto for way too long. This equation is another reason it is critical to forgive and accept that everything you experienced in life was exactly what your spirit needed to heal. And magically, when you accept it, it is healed. With every “veil” you release, you are lighter, brighter, happier, healthier, and more loving, peaceful and joyous. You will find it easier to accept yourself and others without need to judge. And if you do the work, create the intention and take the right actions, you will eventually create from the equation of: heart’s desires = how life shows up.

It is our intention that you all choose to let go, forgive and attract your hearts desires.


The Wise Ones

The Walk of Ascension, April 16, 2010

We are excited to write this month’s newsletter to talk about an exciting project that Karen has taken on to give the wisdom she has received for 8 years to each of you. She agreed to write a book called “Divine Guidance … from Love – How to Be the Conscious Walk of Light and Unconditional Love”. But before she could write it, she had to become it. Many of you have, first hand, watched her accomplish this one step and thought process at a time. For human ascension to occur and your planet’s rise into a 5th/6th dimension existence, it is crucial that you all learn how to accomplish this for yourself…now. Therefore, it is time for this book to be born.

How many of you can look in the mirror and honestly, without taking your eyes off of your eyes, tell yourself that you Love you unconditionally? Do you love yourself for who you are and who you are not? Do you love yourself soooooooo much that no person, statement, event … nothing could ever cause you to change how you think about yourself or harm your physical body – the temple your light was given to shine in? Marianne Williamson said it well: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.”

Loving you unconditionally – Ascension – is a conscious choice. It is a choice you must make 24/7/365. It is a continual process and a continual journey. To open the door, you must face all of your fears… and walk through them. When you do, you will be aligned with unconditional Love (also known as Christ Consciousness), your light/spiritual essence, peace, oneness, truth, happiness, abundance, vital energy and vibrant health. Joy will radiate from to you to everything and everyone. This is the frequency that you will attract your hearts desires and manifest your dreams from. It’s time for all humans to walk this walk.


The Wise Ones

Leap, May 1, 2010

This month has been very challenging for many of you. Energies are popping on in all directions. It has often felt like you are getting hit by an undertow in the flow in many directions. It’s Spring – think about Spring… Everything springs into action, buds burst on the flowers and trees, and everything becomes alive with color, smells and light energy. It’s a time of new beginnings, heightened by the year 2010, the new beginnings of the decade. Now add to that the spiritual energy of the mass consciousness of humans, the movements of the planets in your galaxy, the vortexes of energies opening in Earth, the magnetic resonance and catastrophic events resulting from energetic shifts on the planet and you will understand why this month has been an energetic whirlwind. Many of you have felt drained and have been eating lots of low energy foods to stay grounded, almost as if it were an automatic mechanism and not a choice. Your bodies are holding onto water and weight right now. There is a reason. Remember that electricity flows through water and electrolytes (sodium) assist energy throughout the body. Think about a whale. It’s takes in large quantities of water and plankton (light energy) to maintain a size that allows buoyancy to swim through the water. You all needed to do that this month. Some of you were able to float because you had strong anchors; others needed to ground in order to keep from being swept away. Welcome to the end of April and this energetic wave.

May 1st, also known as May Day, is always a festive day with dancing and maypoles. We are here to say yes, dance and celebrate the breath of air between energy waves, because there is another one coming in June. As always, Earth takes time to adjust, balance and rest after energy shifts. It is important for humans to learn that lesson as well. But don’t relax and think you are finished. Use this time to reinforce your strength, passion, intention and direction. Focus on now, standing in Love, being your truth and aligning with your dreams and desires. Holding onto old energies, judgments, stories, upsets, anger, resentment and fear will become much more painful in June and lead to drama, emotional distress, dis-ease and pain. It is time to trust your heart, your light and yourself to stand in Love, peace and oneness. We may sound like a broken record saying the same thing over and over again, but until you all learn how to create your reality from your own heart light, we will keep you aligned with the core of who you already are – the light of spiritual essence and love.

5-1-2010 = 9, an ending to one spiral. You are all at the bottom of the loop to spring forth to a new height catapulting beyond where you have been before. Remember, the more powerful the push, the higher you will fly. Take an emotional leap, trusting in this energy and your heart to source you. It is time to start anew, recreating your life, relationships, homes, careers and faith. Whatever you are resisting, holding onto, dreading, fearful of and putting up with, release. If it is meant to be in your life, it will readjust and come back in alignment. Everything else will go to a more perfect alignment for itself. Let the energy of your galaxy support you in this transition, leap off of the cliff and fly. If you are afraid of falling, you are not ready. When you know with faith, certainty and confidence that you are safe and will land on your feet then enjoy the rush of air and beautiful view. Take the time to check out the sites and choose your landing. Every one of you already has the power, ability, wisdom and strength to do it. You are the master of when.


The Wise Ones

Earth is Cleansing, June 1, 2010

First we want to explain why we did not write a newsletter around the new moon of May. Karen is working on a huge project that will allow her to write “Divine Guidance … from Love”. She needed her energy focused there for awhile. Also, for those who live in Nashville, you have all been going through a tremendous cleansing period with the torrential rains and flooding in your region of the country. You have all had a lot of turbulence to deal with and it was best to allow time and space for all of you to land and ground again. With that said, let us talk about changes coming in June.

We told you that you would have a rest between the chaotic energy of April and the new wave coming in with the summer solstice. Clearly, we need to clarify what is happening energetically in the “rest period”, especially for those in Nashville. What we did not mention and you easily forgot about is the aftermath of chaos. Think of the energy waves on your planet as if they are a boat. Whenever you drive a boat through water, you create a wake. The faster you go, the higher and more powerful the wake. The further away the boat goes the calmer the wake becomes. What many of you experienced last month was the wake of the chaotic energies of April. That is why so many of you felt ungrounded and off center. Please know and remember for the future that wave patterns are a normal structure of molecular movement on the Earth plane. This is why it is so very important for all of you to find methods – i.e., meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, vibrantly healthy foods, time in nature, exercise, walking, swimming, gardening, physical contact with loved ones, etc – that keep you in the heart center and grounded. These are the types of structures that will allow you to move through the energetic shifts and surf the wakes.

Earth is cleansing – a lot! This means all of you are being called to cleanse. Many dense energy locations around the planet are portals to release energy from the core of Earth, while others are receiving releases from the atmosphere. The warmer your planet gets, either from the axis spinning faster or global warming, earth is releasing toxic energy and your ice caps are melting. The water is not evaporating into space; it is evaporating into your atmosphere and will come down somewhere. The more the ice melts the more rain and flooding you will receive. It is factual. The human race is receiving back the toxins/negativity it has given out for way too long and all are affected by it. But, you are all on course. The purpose of a second and third dimensional existence is for a species to learn self empowerment, Love and forgiveness.

Fortunately, these tragedies have caused many to reach out and support their neighbors, countrymen and international families. Rigid thinking and egos are melting with the ice caps. Hatred and prejudice are imploding with volcanoes. Anger and judgment are dissipating though fires. Old ways of thinking are cracking with earthquakes. Chaos and apathy are unwrapped by tornadoes. Snow and ice storms are moving people inside to find internal warmth. You are all cleansing and learning forgiveness, peace and oneness…one way or another. Allow this time on Earth to cause you to step into a 5th and 6th dimensional existence, where you live from the greatness and beauty of your heart light/Love. It is the only place you will find peace in this process.


The Wise Ones

Listen to Your Heart, June 13, 2010

Raise your hand if you feel like you have been through hell and back during June. Yes, we have been watching. This is part of the next wave we mentioned in your May newsletter. Many of you are powerfully being called to what your purpose is, or to the next step in the path of aligning with your purpose. Some of you are choosing to leap, some are fighting and others are refusing to hear the call. Warning – it won’t stop or go away. Many of you have asked for this and your manifestations are aligning with the spiritual waves of consciousness moving through your planet. Some of you have not awakened yet, and spiritual consciousness is knocking at your thoughts. Please answer before it has to knock you somewhere in the physical plane.

We are in awe of how many of you are doing jobs, activities and practices that you constantly complain about but will not change them, move on or let go of them. You fight, resist and persist instead of trust, have faith and step forward. Why? Why choose fear when it is so painful? Is it peaceful to fight? Is it relaxing to resist? Is it comforting to persist? Then why choose that? Unfortunately, most of your societies do not teach you how to choose happiness, joy and bliss for yourself. You are not taught how to relax and quiet the mind. Your worlds are filled with noise – radios, cars motorcycles, iPods, sirens, planes, TV’s, 24 hour news, alarms, phones, games, talking dolls, cd’s, talk shows, white noise, etc. You clutter your minds with outside noise so you cannot hear your voice/soul/spirit. What are you afraid of hearing?

The answer is Love. Your voice/heart light is Love. To listen to that would mean you have to accept that you are loveable. The more noise you keep around, the more you are avoiding the truth of who you are. In the past, you could ignore it. Not any more. It is not going away. And during this amazing time on Earth when the spiritual vortexes are coming alive, it will continue to get louder. Earth’s heart energy is getting faster and stronger. As we have mentioned before, your hearts are aligned with Earth’s as well as each others. You will not be able to escape the resonance of your heart talking to you. It is time to listen. Please listen or it will have to use greater measures for you to hear.

You are loveable… you are Love, you are light energy … you are powerful beings …you are capable of manifesting whatever you intend … you are one with every being throughout the star systems … you deserve peace, joy, Love, acceptance, abundance and oneness. Will you choose to listen and follow its beat now?


The Wise Ones

Release Karmic Commitments Now, June 26, 2010

We have good news for some of you and rough news for others. Unlike Spring with its tsunami waves that churned up everything it hit, the new energies of the Summer Solstice are like huge tidal waves. If you are aligned, in action and on purpose with a focused intention the energy will catapult you forward very quickly. Many of you are transitioning into new opportunities or making changes in your current relationships, jobs and other situations. Warning -anyone who is holding onto ego/old thought patterns or refusing to grow and shift will be slammed into walls with the same velocity that those in action will fly.

The completion cycle of 2009 ended with the full moon and eclipse yesterday. This window is a powerful opportunity to release all that has not yet been released from last year. Some of you have been holding the space for members of your soul pods or those you have Karma with from traumatic situations in other life times. Those Karmic commitments must be released NOW or it will be extremely painful for all parties if it continues. You are at the peak of the commitment and it must be released or it will start creating more unresolved Karma. Let go – either the other souls will step into their greatness or they will crash with the wave. It must be their choice now. Holding on will be much harder for all parties, then letting go – we promise.

All that is aligned with spirit and life purpose intention will speed up in its manifestations. Be ready – stay in action. The souls not choosing to shift will pull at you like a drowning victim. The compassionate way to handle this will be to guide them on how to accomplish it themselves. Do not … do not … do not, under any circumstance, get in the water with them or you will crash and drown in their tidal wave. That is not the loving approach for you or the other soul(s). Take a stand to be the example, guide, teacher, instructor, mentor and/or friend from a healthy boundary vantage point. Those who have not learned healthy boundaries will have many opportunities stare you in the face. For your own sake, learn it now.

As the energies take over and you move out of the full moon, you will notice a surge of hope and feeling of renewal. Jump in, the feeling is great! It will source your ride. And you will be a light source for those that are drowning. Let them see that it is possible to fly and they will want to learn how. That is the way to hold the space at this frequency of evolution. Be the example, rather than hold their space. The world needs to see your smiles and bright lights. Radiate Love, Peace and Oneness and you will support Earth, you and each other.


The Wise Ones

Be the Alchemist, July 18, 2010

We will be summarizing and expanding on the information we presented for the radio show on the 15th. We highly recommend that you listen to the show as well to receive the maximum benefit from the information that we have given. In addition, Karen and Joe are fun to play with and it is a great conversation!

This is a wondrous new time in human ascension. Those of you reading this are remembering who you are as spiritual beings. You are remembering the power of your light and the means at which to expand your consciousness and your body’s health and well being. In addition to that, you have the ability to chemically transform any situation emotionally, physically and spiritually. In other words, you already are an alchemist.

Alchemy is the molecular shift of a thought, word, deed or substance into another thought, word, deed or substance. In simple terms it is a shift from fear to Love. You are now vibrating at a frequency that allows you to – through holographs – choose a different picture. When you powerfully, with knowing and trust, envision a new state of being or existence, molecules will shift to move and become that vision … magically. The magic is already within you. You are all alchemists at these frequencies and can cause into being the energetic shift of your desires. The key to creating this is to see it as already existing. Get in a meditative relaxed state, picture it, feel it, smell it, and breathe it in. Know you deserve receiving it and stand in gratitude for its gift. This is the way to be an alchemist and magician in your own life. Believe it long before you see it.

Be the alchemist for yourself, your family, phone calls, co-workers, career, job, relatives, community, anyone you come in contact with and the planet. Choose to envision joyful interactions, insightful conversations, harmonious gatherings, healthy oceans, rich soil, clean air and peaceful borders. See your body vibrantly healthy doing all of the things you love doing. Then take actions and watch it magically come into view. During this tidal wave energy, you will be able to catapult forward on a beautiful wave of desire, trust and Love for yourself and all others. Trust your creations, fly on the waters of gratefulness, soar on the winds of insightfulness, and enjoy the magnificent views.


The Wise Ones

It is all Perfect, August 9, 2010

Things have been smoothly sailing along for many of you lately as you stay in the flow of the summer equinox energy wave pattern. Others are feeling as if they are in limbo, hanging out. As long as you do not feel like you are hitting walls, you are in the flow. Many expected their desires and dreams to manifest in the summer but this is the action stage. Fall is the time for landings, when the wave will drop you and allow you to prepare for the winter of settling in. It is all perfect. Even if you have gotten in your own way at times, you are still moving as long as you create the focused intention of the dream you desire. The closer in frequency is it to your current frequency, the faster it will manifest. The greater the difference, the more you will be called to shift who you are being to have it arrive. Staying in a right/wrong conversation is the fastest way for you to stop the flow.

Yes, we are talking to you! You are all choosing that conversation throughout your day. And as long as you are in the carbon structure of a human body, it will continue to happen – there is no way to stop the ego completely, nor would it be in your greatest good. We give you permission to stop beating yourself up about that – NOW. The grace is in how quickly you let go of the “make wrong” conversation. It’s OK to not PREFER a particular food, clothing style, music genre, culture, hobby, sport, political view, religion, attitude, policy, organization, language, TV show, movie, book, band, etc. When you can allow non”preferred things to be what they are and stay neutral, that choice will allow you to fly with your preferences. This energy shift has nothing to do with the thing you do not prefer and everything to do with your ability to manifest in your life. The millisecond that you start a thought about something not being right, you start to raise a dam up in the flow of your river of desire. The faster you release the thought, the less water/abundance is lost or slowed from arriving.

This is a relatively simple concept and has been in place forever. The reason we are putting it in your face now is because of the higher and higher speeds of light frequency you are experiencing. Everything is exponentially greater and you will slam into any kind of resistance exponentially harder. Frankly, we have no desire to watch that – it’s too painful! So, if not for yourselves, please stop making other people, places, things, events, styles, choices, decisions and opinions wrong for our sake!!! WE Love you too much!!! … And we thoroughly enjoy watching you soar on the wings of your desires!


The Wise Ones

Fall Landings, August 24, 2010

Many of you are feeling the summer equinox wave of energy coming down to land at this time. Think about how the wave rides, freely flowing and then suddenly loses momentum and comes crashing to the surface. That is how some of you will land during the Fall equinox wave of energy. Other times the wave just gracefully sweeps up onto the sand. That is how others of you will land for this Fall equinox wave of energy. And then there are the surfers who fall off the surf board and get churned in the undertow. Those of you who fell off will have a somersault landing during the Fall equinox wave of energy.

Remember, you fall off the board and churn in the water when you are resisting. What we need you to know is that at this moment of spiritual ascension, all of you will be challenged by one or multiple things. Those of you who have been growing in light and love and are in organizations, jobs, activities, structures and groups that are not evolving in a loving stance will feel the sharp contrast of the frequencies. It is painful for all parties. We know many of you have been “hurt, lied to, insulted, harassed, and scorned” by the lower frequency souls choosing to hold onto old ways, ego attitudes and religious ideals. Please allow them to be. You are not justified in making them wrong or right. Resentfulness, anger, judgment and disrespect will be the energy cord that they can pull you down with. You are harming yourselves, not them. That is how they will gain energy from you and a sense of control and power. Those who want power always try to conquer the ones they think have it. Many light workers are facing this situation at this time. If you hold onto upset about the events happening, you will be one of the souls that come crashing “down” during the Fall Equinox wave of energy.

Keep looking forward. It is especially important right now to meditate and stay focused on what you are creating and attracting into your life. That is how you can sweep gently onto the sand. Meditate, breathe in the images, chant or sing them to your heart light. Stay focused on gratitude. For those of you in old structures, write a list of the reasons to be grateful and every time you start to feel upset, go back to the list until you feel gratitude again. No matter how challenging the situation is, there are always…always opportunities and benefits. Keep aligned with gratitude energy to gracefully step forth into your purpose and the next chapter of your journey.

Bugs are attracted to the light. In your world, many of you do not like bugs. Why not, they have a valuable place in your ecosystem? Many of you might describe them as “pesky little buggers” (no bleeps – that is making them wrong!), but why is that? Maybe they have a purpose you don’t care about or align with. That’s OK. Acknowledge them, stop resisting and bless their existence. All beings have light energy, families, reproduction systems, feelings, and purpose. That applies to bugs, co-workers, family members, managers, neighbors and friends that you are upset with. Light will always illuminate darkness. If you keep your light shining and send Love to the pesky upsets, you will create an energy wave that will either shift them or repel them away. Either result will support you. No other choice will.

The new moon on September 8th will allow you to start arriving at the beach of the energy wave. We wish you all happy graceful, peaceful landings……………….!!!


The Wise Ones

Praise and Raise, September 15, 2010

We have been working with Karen to uncover the truth we wished to bring in this newsletter and waited to write it until all the pieces were received. It is a concept many of you will relate to or be in the middle of. What do you do when those around you continually hammer your trigger points to get you upset? Anger is a state of little power. It occurs when you have handed over yours to someone who provokes, needles, digs, or punches your truths, knowledge and perceptions. It feels awful because you have taken on the role of victim. So how do you stay in your power, no matter what?

Why do others want to upset you? The answer is energy. Energy = power = money = wealth. Your history is full of examples of countries taking over countries, tribes murdering and enslaving other tribes, dictators controlling people, corporations destroying other corporations, etc. The frequency of fear based emotions empowers the ego to feel better than, be separate from, stand above others, get attention, be stronger than… the angrier or more upset you become, the more energy they get. Be careful what you align with.

Remember that there are energetic cords you have with others. Did you ever hear the phrase “they’re yanking you by the chain”? This is where it comes from. Those chains/cords occur with loved ones, friends, jobs coworkers, organizations, ideas, places and events. Be very conscious of what you choose to connect with. If you listen to the news and get triggered – with anger, sadness, joy, or any emotion – you are now connected to the mass consciousness of that occurrence. Choose to connect with energy that lifts your spirit with love and joy.

We hear you asking: “But what about the situations we can’t change such as jobs, family, and co-workers?” Ah, but you can change that. Change occurs with perception. We have asked you over and over again to let others be right because in their world they are. Many of you are going to the opposite pendulum swing of making yourself wrong to compensate. That in turn causes you to be energetically out of balance with yourself. It will cause physical dis-ease. Neither perception is empowering. Some of you have been able to accept what is which will keep you in an acceptance mode. And there is something greater.

We had Karen listen to Joel Osteen so she could receive this wisdom: “If you complain, you will remain. If you praise, you will raise.” Complaining, feeling like a victim, anger, judgment, etc. will keep you aligned with that frequency and disempowered. Praise and gratitude will allow you to float above it and align with prosperity, abundance, love and ease. Stop defending, feeling imprisoned, complaining and judging because it is the resistance that is keeping your dreams from coming true. It is our intention that you all choose to stay in your power of light and love and fly with those dreams. It is time …praise and raise!


The Wise Ones

Own Your Worth, September 29, 2010

There is an issue that keeps coming up for many of you that we want to address in this newsletter. Are you clinging to your worth outside of yourself via homes, things, furniture, stuff, people, events, fashion, land, pets, cars, etc.? And if something happens to any of these things, do you become angry, devastated, depressed; don’t want to live anymore; feel cheated, robbed, harmed, attacked or hold resentment, judgment, distrust, etc.? We held off on having this conversation with you because last year and part of this year were about letting go and we hoped you would release the need to look outside of yourself for your value. Many did, but some of you are holding on tight making those that affected your beloved external worth wrong. As this year of change and transition continues, you must let it all go or you open the door to invite in dis-ease.

You must find the center core strength of your light/spiritual essence/God within to align with the shifts on your planet, raise your consciousness and shift your spiritual vibration. It is time to stop blaming, pointing fingers, resenting, accusing and holding on to anger towards others. You will literally harm yourself. Everything happening to you is part of a consciousness pattern either from you, others around you or the consciousness of the community you are in. It is life happening. The true measure of your light frequency is based on whether you choose to respond or react. Those standing in faith and trust will look at an issue and respond with “Interesting, what is the opportunity?” Those with anger, judgment and distrust inside will get triggered, react and look at the “wrong” of the event. An event is something happening. It is a fact, not a feeling. Your feelings are a result of the emotions that you place on the event. If you don’t feel good, change your emotional perception of the event to a feel good thought. Changed perceptions create a different space for the event and other people involved to show up in and can cause it to shift. Remember, the other party also gets to choose to react or respond to the event and your choice. Release it to the highest and greatest good, then… LET IT GO! Whatever the result is, choose that it is for the greatest good and that it will be an opportunity for you to grow and move forward.

Many of you hold on to upset emotions, which will eventually manifest into physical health issues. It is crucial to let go of the old emotionally upsetting files stored in your brain’s hard drive NOW. No ifs, ands or buts about it. As the “lights” are turned on around the planet and the spiritual energy is lifted, it is critical to lighten your energy fields (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and astral) so you can fly with the new waves of energy. Old upsetting emotions are like sand bags that weigh you down. The lower the frequency of emotion, the more pain and disconnection you will feel. No person, place, event or thing can take anything away from you unless you give it permission.

Stop looking outside of yourself for value and start looking within. You are beautiful, perfect lights…stop weighing yourself down with exterior worth and start standing in your spiritual center – the core of your light and power. It is time for you to own your worth, stand in your value and come home to you!


The Wise Ones

Triple New Beginnings, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 also known as triple new beginnings. Today is a powerful day. The last full moon, a harvest full moon, and the first day of autumn on September 23rd was about illuminating the shadow side/negative thoughts/emotional hurts in your body and psyche’s cell memory. Many of you have been dealing with issues you thought you had healed, but there they were in your face shining in their persistence. You have all been given the opportunity to clean them up, speak your truth to the appropriate parties and shift who you are being about the hurts. Remember, something in you or your actions toward someone else caused that flow of energy coming at you. If you took it on and owned the negative thought process, then you reacted and have energy to clean up from your psyche. Otherwise, it would not have a charge to it when remembering the situation or event.

So what does triple new beginnings mean? Today at 10:10 AM another group of crystals were activated in the crystal fields of Brazil and Arkansas. There is a powerful wave of energy flowing around your planet as this letter is being typed. Another wave will start at 10:10 tonight. It was important to release old energy patterns before this happened to raise your frequency to be able to flow in the new light beaming into your atmosphere. Those who have not cleaned it up will have that old energy in their faces even stronger. To powerfully align, you must release the stored hurts and limited thinking thought patterns.

The third new beginning is the new canvas. For those that have cleaned up old thoughts, you have new “hard drive space” to create in. That is the space to “land in”. Per the last newsletter, Fall is for landings in the new beginnings of 2010 and this is the official day of the 2010 new beginnings. 1-1-10 was the start to prepare you to land on 10-10-10. The new energy activated today will assist you to create, manifest and fly with the light energy on your planet and arrive in your intentions/visions for the empowered spiritual presence you are today. Some of you had enough support to have it align in the last couple of weeks. Others are in the process. Many of you are standing in old rigid thought patterns about what is right and wrong or who you know yourself to be. They are causing resistance and interruptions in your flow. If you want to move forward peacefully, release them. If you don’t, the ride and landing will be bumpy.

The 10-10-10 light activation will illuminate your light/spiritual essence. We talked last newsletter about bugs going to the light, but if the light were turned up they would not be able to come close to it. Those that release and allow themselves to align today will be that bright bulb negativity will not be able to come near. You can stand in that light at all times when you allow all opinions to be right; others to react as they choose (law of attraction will respond in a manner exponentially greater than your attitude could ever dish out); maintain healthy boundaries; teach others how to treat you, and look everyone in the eye to “see their spirit /light being”. It is important to note that you can see their light regardless of whether their behavior is honoring your boundaries. Seeing their light does not mean you accept their behavior or speaking. It simply means you honor the light of their soul. Always maintain your boundaries in a clear neutral posture and remember, people cannot treat or see you (or anything else) outside of the paradigm of how they treat and see themselves. This is the stance of power that you can move forward on, in this magnificent new light wave of energy on 10-10-10. Beam brightly….


The Wise Ones

Choose Consciously, October 26, 2010

Okay, who has fallen? No we don’t mean physically… well maybe we do…but figuratively, not literally! Yes, Fall is here and we use the term with poignancy. Have you survived your landing? Are you still looking for where or how to land? Unfortunately, we have seen several hard landings! Fortunately, we are proud to report some soft landings as well. Who had their faces smashed up against walls of, to use one of Karen’s favorite terms, “yuck”? Last month was the harvest full moon month, a time for great luminescence on the shadow side/upset emotions of the past. Many of you thought you had issues handled, but oops, that spotlight moon found those hidden emotional cobwebs. Its okay, you were in good company with many other people on the planet, consciously and unconsciously banging into their emotional yuck! Good news – that cycle ended on Sunday, October 24th 2010 with the end of this month’s full moon. Hopefully, you uncovered all of the cobwebs of fear and upset, but have no fear (pun intended!); you will get another chance if you did not get them all.

As the light/spiritual frequency of your planet begins to “turn on” you will continually find that slamming into your yuck hurts more and more. If you do not believe us, watch your news or others around you. Then, notice that the moments of Love, wonder and awe are more and more breathtaking. Keep walking or running, whatever your preference, towards breathtaking. It is the feel good place to exist and live life from.

This is an amazing time. You can literally paint your world. How do you want it to look? See it, visualize it, ask for it and then forget about it. That’s the tricky part. We know we sound like a broken record – oops, some of you do not know what that sounds like! Another analogy would be a looped message that keeps coming back around to the same statement. It is important for all of you to get the dynamics of this stage of human consciousness. It is critical for your planet to shift to this stage of consciousness to continue existing. The native cultures put no ending to 2012 because it will be determined by conscious choice. What you choose daily affects the emotional frequency of your planet. You matter. Your choices matter. How you respond to the consequences of your choices matters. How you treat others matters. How you treat other species matters. Every millisecond of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every year your choices matter. Do yourself, others and the planet a favor and choose consciously.

You matter. Use this Fall energy to find what feels right as the next chapter of your walk to land in. Land lightly, respond with Love, create your new emotional clean slate of spiritual awareness visualizations and flow into your visions with faith, trust, gratitude and joy. Believe in you…you matter!


The Wise Ones

Peaceful Eye of the Storm, November 30, 2010

We want to start off with an apology. We realized that we did not fully prepare all of you for what energetic changes were coming your way. Partly because we did not wish to scare you and mostly, we did not foresee the intensity of the chaos that your mass consciousness would create. There are three reasons: 1- People had a choice of how they choose to “land” and settle into the “Fall” energy of this shift of consciousness to their heart centers/Love. Many tried to avoid it and are crashing. 2 – Many others are refusing to let go of the ego and are either transitioning or are resentfully, angrily and demandingly holding onto being right. We kept telling you to stay focused with dartboard intentions. Unfortunately we did not stress or realize how critical it was to stay balanced with your feet firmly planted on the ground to keep you centered this month. 3 – Many around the planet have been letting go of or losing homes, cars, material things, treasures, and loved ones. It has caused a huge wave of sadness and grief to sweep the planet.

As a result, November was a month of great energy flux, best described as hurricane energy. Even though there have not been many physical hurricanes, the energetic fluctuations of your mass consciousness combined with galactic changes have caused many of you to feel battered in all directions. Karen has been describing the energy as someone letting the doors open at the asylum and the gates in the zoo all at the same time! The Harry Potter movie came out in mid-November, an appropriate timeframe considering the movie pictures dementors (soul sucking dark energy forms) and dark forces flying all over attacking people. Many of you have felt this type of psychic attack. The movie is a case of art imitating life!

Fortunately, some of you have not been impacted as greatly. You stay focused with your intentions crystal clear and landed softly out of the fray of corporations and unawakened souls. However, all of you have noticed that people are reacting with more intensity lately. Many are feeling on the edge and they are grasping to hold onto the familiar, loved ones, stuff, new desires, old thought patterns, gluttony and greed. Those in control of money want to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor. Many of you are ill with colds, flu, sinusitis, laryngitis, muscle pulls, headaches, migraines, stiffness of joints, back problems, foot problems and digestive problems – all of which have to do with moving through negative/ego consciousness. Those that are refusing to shift are being diagnosed with diseases. Remember, the only way to heal any of the above is to walk through the pain. You cannot avoid it, skirt it or ignore it any more. Walk through it, surrender to it, trust there is a path and purpose, look for the opportunity and find strength in the many reasons you have to be grateful. To even have a computer and the capability to read this is a major blessing on your planet today.

Thanksgiving – a much needed pause for all of you who celebrated it, which caused enough gratitude on your planet to shift the entire collective consciousness. Well done! Hold onto that attitude to glide through the rest of this year. 2011 will bring new opportunities. The most important thing for all of you to remember is to stay balanced internally and maintain feelings of Love and gratitude. America’s Thanksgiving Day proved that gratitude and Love of a few can affect your planet. Hold onto the attitude of gratitude as the truth that anchors and grounds you during these shifts. Giving thanks is the peaceful eye of the storm.


The Wise Ones

The Final Wave of Birth, December 23, 2010

December 22, 2010 a major event happened in your solar system that we wish to address. On the day of the winter solstice, you had both a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Think about light. It is vibrant, fast moving energy that sources everything on your planet. What happens to you when there is no light? Most beings get sluggish, tired, depressed and irritable. So, on the shortest day of the year, the day with the least amount of light, the light on your planet was also “snuffed” out for a period of time leaving every living thing with even less light for its nourishment. This is a final wave to the year 2010, another triple whammy (!!!), to release the “shadow side”/negativity of the ego and emotions for every living being.

Unfortunately, many on your planet have been holding onto their old emotional patterns and did not release them in 2009. As a result, the last month has been energetically tumultuous for many of you. The aches, pains, illnesses, congestion, anger, irritability and frustrations you have been feeling are worldwide. Hold on, a respite is coming. 2011 is meant to be a year of growth in new beginnings. 2010 you were birthed. Next year you learn to walk in this new existence.

We love you … we stand beside you … we believe in you … and we wish you much Joy, Peace, Serenity and Strength throughout your holiday season!!!


The Wise Ones

Karen’s Holiday Letter, December 2010

I remember being so incredibly excited about this year one year ago. 2010 was to be the year of new beginnings. 2009 was about completion and I was totally complete with the completing process!!! What happened??? 2010 fell far short of my hopes and dreams … or did it?

The year started off on a wondrous note. In February, I got an email asking if I was the next top spiritual author. The prize … a book publishing deal and $50,000 to market it! I have known I was to write a book called “Divine Guidance from Love” for 8 years now. I have been asking God when … and took that as my sign …now. I immediately enrolled in the program, along with over 2000 other authors around the world, and started working on the first round of the competition. 7 weeks, 5 locations, and 3 tapings later I finally finished my video presentation of the book. More things got in the way then I could possibly list. As a result, I only had 2 out of 5 weeks left to get votes. Needless to say, I did not make it to the second round of the competition. In all honesty, I was not able to work 40 hours, expand my marketing base, take the classes offered, write the book and take care of life’s basics needs to continue in the competition.

Several weeks later after a review at my job, in which I was told that the doctors were unhappy with my performance I made a major decision. Their unhappiness was during a period of time that I was going to physical therapy for an injury that I’ve now learned, occurred at my job. None of them bothered to notice the pain I was in every day. So I made several repairs on my condo and on May 31st, listed it with a realtor. My intention? … sell my home and my furniture and move to Asheville, NC to write. Those gorgeous, spiritually charged mountains were calling to source me. My dream of moving, writing and freedom to do my spiritual life coaching work finally had a platform to stand on. For the first time in years I would be able to breathe again! Literally, I have been coughing and not able to take a full breath for the three years since I was moved into the building I am working in.

I started to give things away, sell furniture and pack. But on Nov 30th my realtor contract was up, the market in my condo complex dropped $5000 to $2500 and I took the condo off of the market. It felt like all of my hopes and dreams went with it. I was in a void — I don’t fit here in Nashville, never have, but for some reason, it is not time to leave yet. The saving graces are the beautiful, amazing friends and adopted family that I have here. In the midst of displacement, I am loved, appreciated and cared for. They help to keep me afloat.

December has me back in physical therapy for both a leg and shoulder injury. I tore a muscle in my right arm last Christmas which still hadn’t healed properly and pulled my right hamstring muscle in April. Between that and the coughing I am overly ready for a healthy body in 2011.

I know I am not alone. Whether it is people I have talked with, friends, their family, coworkers, friends of friends …many people feel like they are caught in the movie Ground Hog Day, repeating the same lessons over and over. The old thoughts, feelings, injuries, conversations, and confrontations seem to be back in everyone’s faces again. 2010 was one big loop!

Last week in mediation, I asked God why …what is my purpose to stay in Nashville? “The bigger picture”. What bigger picture? I was shown my vision door that I had created 5 years ago. It has images all over it of thoughts, ideas, a life partner, career activities, places, world travel, events and things I want to manifest in my life. I realized Asheville was only one possible step on my journey. By creating a much bigger picture of my dream, and always asking for this or greater, I caused a space for a much greater possibility to evolve. WOW! I jumped back into my power, coughed (enough already!!!) and started to create a new perspective!

My intention for 2011 is to take the time I spent cleaning my condo and bandaging Jasper’s paw every day for 7 months (his MRSA – staff resistant infection – came back once I started packing) and use it to write. I will consider it my second job and block off hours every weekend dedicated to the book. I will also get another job in a building that supports my health and well-being. I am excited for the new possibilities. What I know for sure is I am ready for change and the next chapter of my life. This chapter feels complete. In fact, my image of it is the chapter is complete; book on the shelf and it has already accumulated lots of dust!

My wish for all of you in 2011 is Strength to walk through the old loops, Hope to believe in your dreams, Wisdom to know how to let go, Peace with the choices you make, Grace with life’s lessons, and Unconditional Love for yourself and, consequently, all others.

Thank you all for your love – you support the smile on my face and the song in my heart…

…With much Love, gratitude and serenity,