About Karen

My first cognitive memory of a career choice was to become an actress. However, listening to my pastor’s sermons as a child, I felt I would make a very good minister. But after many attempts to read the Old Testament of the Bible, I knew I could not study its teachings in depth. When it came time for college, my family had the belief that theater was an unrealistic career and persuaded me to go into teaching. After student teaching in many different school systems throughout my four year education, I realized I had little respect for the way the American educational school system is run. So after graduating college in 1981, I searched for a new direction and through a business connection, landed in Sales and Marketing.

In 1987, after many bumps and turns in my business career, I returned to my dream of becoming a professional actress. I studied theater and film; performed in repertory theater companies and a one woman show; did commercials and modeling; starred in an independent film; got incredible reviews and still needed to continue my sales work. By 1992, working in two very demanding careers had exhausted me and brought on a health crisis.

During the next four years, I would receive pieces of wisdom about myself that lead me to my next direction. Through gifts, acknowledgments and comments, my friends and clients helped me see that I am someone who loves sharing knowledge and personal growth with everyone I know and meet. My greatest skill set is my ability to share and communicate knowledge with anyone at any age of any background. Most importantly, this skill was the accumulated wisdom I had learned from my education, teaching, business and theater experience.

My quest for the next step in my career, lead me to a year of studies with Landmark Education in 1997. I became fascinated with the study of Ontology – a branch of metaphysics that philosophically studies the nature of being, becoming and existence. First it taught me that my worth and value as a Being comes from the integrity of my speaking and commitment to accomplishing what I spoke. It also taught me to look in the mirror and realize that I am 100% accountable and responsible for how my life shows up. Most importantly, I learned how to be a conscious creator in my life rather than a victim of circumstance.

Throughout the next few years, while applying the wisdom of Ontology to my life, I desired a way to share it with others. In 2000, a friend called to tell me about her studies with a Life Coach and said, “Karen, this is so who you are. You really need to look into this.” Two months later, I started my Life Coaching education.

In 2002, while studying the Course in Miracles, I discovered the next step along my path. One of the other participants in class was a Shaman. When she shared with me that she felt lead to teach me Shamanism, I excitedly said yes before realizing I did not know what Shamanism is!

It was through a Shamanic Journey that I learned my life’s purpose. I saw myself in a dark box. The lid opened and a hand reached in to pull me out. I was lifted up to stare into my own face, shining like a bright light. I merged into my luminous self and walked down a road towards a beautiful star. When I asked if it was my time to go to heaven, I heard, “No, guide them to the light.” I was joined by others still “asleep”, but as we walked, one by one they awakened their light.  The group became larger and larger, each person becoming brighter and brighter until we all became “one with the light”. This journey clarified that my Life Purpose is assist others to “Awaken the Light” of their soul’s unconditionally loving essence that already is. My logo is a beautiful beacon of light to guide us to remember who we already are, an amazing light consciousness that is one with everything.

Knowing one’s Life Purpose and living it are two different distinctions. Life has presented me with an obstacle course of many twists, turns, potholes, bumps, sharp inclines and jagged rocks to walk through, jump over and hop around, as a means to learn how to unconditionally love myself and all that is. This road is a continual process of choosing creator vs. victim and love vs. fear. I have had to learn that no one else’s opinion matters, “Only I define who I am and who I am not … and God cheers me on.” As a Shaman and  Coach, I had to learn that “my work represents the Light of God’s Unconditional Love in all that is and only Love can align and co-create with my service to the world.” When prayer requests show up differently than what I asked for, “I learned that the greater good of the whole is always, ultimately, my greatest good too.”

For the last 12 years God has consistently told me he was training me to be a Twenty-first Century Shaman”. When I asked what that is, he smiled and said “I don’t know yet, but here is what I need you to learn next!” When I asked what title I should use to clarify my work, he drew a circle in the sky and start making slices in it. Each slice had a name:

Weight Loss/Nutrition Studies
Sports Teams/Athletics
Voice/Music/Choir Performance
B.S. Human Behavior & Development
Home Economics Education
Co-operative Education Experiences
Certification of Teaching
Thanatology Studies
Sales & Marketing Career
Office Management
Repertory Companies
Theater and Film Studies
Chi Gong Practice
Landmark Education Study of Ontology
Holistic Learning Center Life Coach Training
A Course in Miracles
Antara Center of Shamanic Studies
Shamanic Journey Work
Reiki Certifications I, II, & III
Coachville Graduate School of Coaching
Self Empowerment Coaching Practice
Administrative Assistance Work
Law of Attraction Studies/Classes
Learning and Practicing Universal Laws
Oneness Blessing Giver Certification

At the top of the circle was the term Spiritual Interpreter and Self Empowerment Coach.

Every step of my journey and education has led me to this point of service.

I now know that all of my life experiences will always assist me in becoming a lighthouse of strength, wisdom and Love shining for myself and others as we become one with the Light.”