Balance of Implode and Explode – June 28, 2012

The Summer Solstice is bringing in a powerful wave of energy meant to balance Earth and all energy on the planet. As this new alignment comes into being, the core of Earth is heating up. Heat is yang/male/thinker/doer explosive energy. Before this astronomical shift, Earth was more Yin/feminine/creator/receiver implosive energy. Human consciousness, being very egotistically left brain centered, balanced with her then. But now, that form of consciousness is causing imbalance for all who exist on your planet.

A star’s energy does one of two things: it explodes, out energy giving out heat to all molecules within a certain radius; or it implodes, going into a black hole and coming out on the other side as a new creation. The end of the 26,000 year cycle is sort of like an implosion of your galaxy. The realignment of planets and stars are forming new energy creations which radiate to all molecules in their radius of energetic connection. That is the reason you are all feeling energetic shifts so powerfully. You will have to flow with the changes or get crushed in the energy wave. Earth, however, is shifting her energetic polarity from implosion to explosion. To remain balanced with Earth, humanity must shift its consciousness from explosion to implosion.

That means that the thinker/doer/masculine/make it happen, left brain energy must shift to creator/ receiver/ feminine/ compassionate/ giver, right brain ways of being. This is why you have been hearing for years it is time to love your neighbor as yourself; respect others’ choices, for you have not walked in their shoes; allow their differences in life styles and traditions; release boundaries and borders among your fellow humans; accept what you do not understand or have answers for; know that you are one with everything and what you send out comes back to you, etc. You have all experienced devastating catastrophes throughout the world that have forced you to put down judgments/prejudices and pick up a neighbor’s hand to assist your fellow human out of the rubble. Many have given money to help those in devastated regions pick themselves back up, recreate their worlds and move forward again. These traits are the necessary choices your planet and galaxy need you to make so you can survive as a species in the new Age of Aquarius that your galaxy begins on December 21, 2012.

It is time to realize how lucky you are to be designed the way you are. Stars and planets implode or explode. Humans have duality and can choose which they will use at the moment. You can choose to use the thinker/left brain or the creator/right brain. Success comes from the balance of the two. The Age of Pisces was focused in the left brain. It is time to move the focus to the right brain. That will balance your being, center you in spiritually and create alignment with your galactic changes. I will continue to explode, shine and radiate light and heat. How you and your world continue is up to each of you.


The Sun