Happy 2012 Celebrations! – December 21, 2012

We made it! – Ascension 2012 on December 21st at 11:11 AM – Hallelujah!!!

A 26,000 year astrological cycle has ended, clearing the way for the new alignment with the Age of Aquarius. This will be a miraculous shift for humanity, Mother Earth, our galaxy and the multiverses. None of the ancient civilizations could chart it because this new astrological alignment will be partly dependent on the consciousness and choices of mankind. The birth of the Age of Aquarius will create a new energetic environment for us to shift from a left brain, masculine, dominating, egoist, thinking, controlling approach into a right brain, feminine, creative, receptive, spiritually loving, oneness with everything approach to life and each other. This shift is an opportunity to forget about borders between countries, put down weapons that harm our spiritual brothers and sisters, and see that we are all connected molecularly and energetically to each other and every living cell that exists. It is a time to unconditionally love … first ourselves, next each other, and then the truth that is unique for each of us, because no one else has ever walked in our “shoes” to understand the perspective only we have experienced. I am thrilled to be alive during this shift and look forward to teaching, sharing, serving and giving in this new realm of loving consciousness!

As always, the pain is much more intense before a birth and this year definitely had those moments. My issue with swollen, blistered, burnt lips continued into this year getting more frequent and painful. Many allergy tests later and long lists of foods and chemicals to avoid, I was still searching for answers. Finally, in September, a dermatologist said she felt this was an irritation rather than an allergy because everything I reacted to was acidic. She was the 1st Dr. out of 7 to say “absolutely YES!” when I asked the question, “I have been drinking 9.5 PH water for 2 yrs to cleanse my lungs and support my immune system, because in Feb of 2010 I could not take a breath without coughing. Could my system now be too alkaline?”

This was also the reason my muscle injury in my shoulder and leg wouldn’t heal. It turns out O blood types need an acidic level in their blood streams for digestion and muscle strength. A blood types are the ones who need high alkaline levels. Another reminder that life is not one solution fits all! But, now my left thumb that would not bend for 2 yrs, easily bends and I can take full deep breaths without coughing, letting me know that the alkaline water did empower my immune syste. Apparently, my body had to go from one extreme to another, to another, to come back to a new balance.  3 mo. later, I am ecstatic to report that I am back to drinking 7 PH water, eating all the foods I had eliminated, breathing fully, exercising, dancing, singing, and smiling without cracked, burning blistered lips! Another lesson in balance … Hmmm, thought I had already learned that one, but clearly there is always more to learn!

In many ways, I feel this example poignantly depicts the year 2012. It seems to have been a year that culminates many extreme lessons we have experienced in our lives. As the Age of Pisces has come to a close, it has forced us to look at ourselves from angles and perspectives we haven’t addressed or were avoiding. Personally, professionally and globally, each of us has been given many opportunities to choose to help, support, accept, respect, trust, love, and forgive each other and what is. Those are the choices that result in peace, joy, harmony, happiness and love.

I’m also happy to report that Jasper’s foot has finally healed from the sores that have been open wounds for 2 ½ yrs. Now we just have to get the skin strong enough so it can take the sandpaper licks from his tongue! Kayla continues to be a preciously loving, happy little girl who greets everyone at the door and plays fetch with a rolled up piece of paper!

This spring, I took a class called the Inner Freedom Method through Coachville University. It was a fascinating “Awakening” experience to uncover deeply embedded belief systems that still run us and cause us to get stuck or stopped from moving forward to what we really want in life. I uncovered a deep set karmic fear and was able to shift it to know I am always safe to communicate my feelings as a light, leader and woman. Since then, life experiences have been shifting and I have found a new sense of strength and power I have never felt before.

I have also powerfully learned other valuable pieces of wisdom from life this year:

  • No job, boss, co-worker or person defines who I am. I love and know who I am and who I am not and so does God. No one else’s opinion is about me. It is simply a projection of who they are or who they are not.
  • Other peoples’ upset, anger, frustration and happiness are not mine to receive, own or justify.
  • My strength lies in my defenselessness because my power is diluted or diminished the minute I start to defend or justify myself or my actions.
  • Every moment has many perspectives.
  • The secret to manifesting anything is to know with absolute certainty that it already is.
  • Everything that happens in life is an opportunity to grow as a loving consciousness.
  • I am the light of unconditional love, truth, peace, joy and oneness with all that is and I can project that energy to all elements in all universes every day to serve all beings with love.

My most exciting news is that I am moving!!! I finally have clarity on what the next chapter is for my life. As soon as my condo sells, I will be moving to the Arden area of north DE. First, I want to visit and spend as much time as I can with my parents to help them around the house. Second, I want to be near my family, especially my soon to be great nieces and/or nephews (and 2 yr old Grant!). Third, I have served my time being land locked. This salt water Pisces/mermaid soul is aching to be near the ocean again!!! For multiple reasons, I needed to be in Nashville the last 13 yrs, but now it is time for a new chapter. I am a northeast coast woman and it is time to go back to an environment that fits who I am.  Fourth, I will finish and publish the book I am writing and step full time into my work for “Awakenings” as a Spiritual Interpreter. I will expand my radio show, continue to write newsletters and start teaching seminars and webinars. My heart sings and dances at the thought! I breathe easier thinking about waking up to work I am joyously passionate about every day!

Thank you for being such a special part of my spiritual journey. May 2013 bring all of us a greater understanding of love for ourselves, each other and all that exists. And may human consciousness realize its oneness and “be” the light that God’s Love is.