Merging into Loving Consciousness – February 11, 2012

Energies are shifting weekly now. You will find that the energy each week varies; allowing opportunities to experience either a smooth flow of emotions or a release of old thought systems and beliefs that keep you separated in fear and distrust of life and others. If you ask your higher consciousness and focus on whether your thoughts feel peaceful or uneasy, you will be able to distinguish if you are in your heart center of love or in your mind center of ego. In the higher vibrations, it will continually feel more and more uncomfortable to stay in any kind of ego, fear based or judgmental thoughts patterns. Attempting to control a situation will be exhausting. Being irritable will become explosive. Anger will make you feel hot physically and mentally. Grief will shut you down if you refuse to accept what is. Not knowing how to love you will cause debilitating depressions.

There are many layers to the emotional energy that surrounds your physical carbon structure. Healers often refer to these as “layers of an onion”. You can unpeel them one at a time going round and round over and over again revisiting deeper levels of the same emotions with each layer. For those who have been doing this type of healing for years, it feels like the onion will never end. But that was the most accessible healing structure available to humans during the Age of Pisces.

It is important to note that the layers represent lifetimes of stored emotional memories. Sometimes you can heal a column of the same emotional issue by forgiving, accepting and unconditionally loving one incident in this life that transcends all layers. Most often, people heal one layer at a time as they unfold. If in fact you really have learned to unconditionally love that particular thought pattern – the result of forgiveness – then you will easily move through any similar experiences without getting emotionally attached. But it can be a long, tiring process.

With the full moon of February 7, 2012, you are now in a new phase of dealing with emotional memories. This phase is about merging. Instead of unraveling layers, you can melt, mold, synergize, recreate and expand those layers of emotional experience. We hear you asking “how”? When you have a thought that is anything but joyful, loving and exciting, ask the thought what it is here to teach you and then listen. Bless the thought, situation, experience, conversation or event with love and gratitude. Ask how to align and flow with it. This will require an ability to accept, allow and appreciate whatever is. Be gracious with yourself. Some things will easily shift and others will take multiple opportunities. The more you can work with the whole picture rather than the individual thoughts and feelings, the more you will start to merge, mold and reshape your thought patterns into new waves of creation with the universe. Scientists would call this process alchemy; wizards would call it magic; A Course in Miracles would call it a miracle and Christians would call it Christ Consciousness. God calls it “Loving Consciousness”.

What you choose to call it matters not. The end result of peace, joy, love, ease and flow with all that is does matter. You are now free to accept, merge, shift, align, float and play in the light of Loving Consciousness. Let go of the layers and mold into the new heart centered you!


The Wise Ones