Radio Show Testimonials

“Namaste Karen,  I wanted to give you some feed back on your body consciousness show. I am  the one that asked about the neck.  Well I did the 21 day protocol for 11 minutes each day.  As time went on I was starting to have my doubts.  But when the 21 days were complete I felt great.  No more neck pain and it has not bothered me since. When I remember I still do 11 breaths just to keep it tuned up and have started trying the technique in other areas with promising success.  Thanks so much for offering your talents like you do. I am also excited about the show Sun.  I could not imagine anyone doing a better job of representing this planet then in the way you have been doing it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” … Om Shanti, Mark

“Karen, I love the way the information comes through you from higher celestial realms and higher dimensional beings … thus you are an advanced Lightworker helping many people. By the way, you should be on Blog Talk Radio more often. You are needed at this very moment in history.”… Caroline Oliveira

I want to thank you for the phenomenal heartfelt and high vibrational work you are bringing through via yourself and the Wise Ones. I was listening to Joe’s show on Sunday and it was truly timely and certainly a glorious show of sharing and wisdom. I called in and Joe kindly took my call and I got to ask a question of the Wise Ones. I also got to clink a glass of beer in good cheer to their beautiful energy, laughter and love. What a phenomenal team you work with and what a beautiful being of light and lovely teacher and facilitator of timely information you are in your own right too. Both my mom and I listen to the Wise Ones and to you and we truly enjoy each loving message they relay to all of us for this important planetary time. Love the new newsletter too. Thank you, to you Karen and your Team. They aren’t the only Wise Ones – you too are indeed Wise and do your work with such grace and authenticity. Much love from my heart to yours,” … Caroline Davina Best


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I joyously welcome additional testimonials. This work is so unique, the only way to truly understand it is to share personal descriptions of the affects it has had in your life.

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