Spiritual Interpreter

Receive Divine Guidance from Other Realms

Do you ever wonder what your “Life Purpose” is?
Does life not make sense often?
Are there relationships in your life that have a powerful connection you want to understand?
Do you want a career that will nourish your soul?
Is there a person or behavior in your life that you can’t let go of and don’t know why?
Do you want to know what to do to cause a peaceful, flow to your life?
Do you want to be on a path going somewhere that serves a purpose?
Did you ever wish you could get Spiritual Guidance from other realms?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you can empower your spiritual being with the assistance of Shamanism.

What is Shamanism? … It is spiritual practice that anthropologists have proven to be 40,000 years old. The terminology originated in Siberia. Some anthropologists believe that Shamanism has existed since the beginning of man and community. Shamans were the spiritual leaders, healers, often the medicine man/woman, story teller and therapist of the tribe. Today, the term “Shaman” is use for a trained healer who shifts into a conscious theta dream state and journeys –energetically projects consciousness into other dimensions – to obtain spiritual knowledge and wisdom for self, others and the planet. Knowledge is obtained through the heart – through “knowing” – through truth. It is a practice that is meant to be used as part of a holistic approach to healing and living fully as a Spiritual Being.

What will happen during my Shamanic Journey? … I will help you formulate the journey’s intention to retrieve the answers and guidance you are looking for. Then I go into a theta dream state and cross through one of my portals to another dimension. Once there, I find the Being that came to source you with divine guidance and provide the intention’s answers. This wisdom can come from Archangels, Guardian Angels, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, previous lives, Totems, the Ancients, and sometimes God (my term for the source of unconditional Love). Once in their presence, I have a conversation with these Beings to obtain the answers and guidance asked for. This process can be done in person, via a phone/Skype call or recorded without your presence and sent to you. Whether or not you are present, all journeys are recorded for you to have a copy of and listen to as often as desired.

Types of Journey Intentions:

  • What is my Life Purpose?
  • How do I heal body/lose weight/illness/emotional/personal power etc.?
  • What is the significance or healing of a particular relationship?
  • How do I heal present/past life issues?
  • Ask for Divine Guidance of what my soul needs to know now.
  • How do I step through a fear or phobia?
  • How do I to assist my child (Younger than 18 years of age)?
  • Are there soul fragments (emotional aspects of soul that separated due to traumatic experience) for me to retrieve?

Types of Journeys:

Life Purpose – Have you ever wonder what in the world you could do in life that would bring you pure joy? A Life Purpose Journey will assist you in finding an answer to that question. You will receive wisdom that will reference skills, abilities, ideas and possible details about what you came into this life to accomplish.

When I did my life purpose journey in 2002, I saw myself in a dark box. The lid opened and a hand reached in to pull me out. As I was lifted up, I stared into my own face, but it was all lit up. Merging into the “lit up me”, I started walking down a road towards a bright light. I asked if it was my time to go to heaven and I heard — “No, guide them to the light”. Gradually, I was joined by others walking on the road, but they were dark. As we walked, the people around me started to light up. The group became larger and larger and each person became brighter and brighter until we merged with the light. One year later, I was watching a movie when I saw the image that inspired my logo. It took several months more to realize I was to help myself and others awaken/remember their Spiritual Light’s essence . At the time, I was not given the details of how to do my life purpose work. That became a daily step by step process to walk the walk and find the path.

Fortunately, now that we have shifted into the Age of Aquarius, the details that guides and angels bring forth on Life Purpose Journeys are more specific and direct.  However the information given will be in alignment with where you are on your spiritual path now and what you are ready to know. Sometimes they will even show you a previous life and the skills you have already learned and can bring into this lifetime.

Significance of a RelationshipAre there any relationships in your life that you wonder why you are in, can’t let go of, feel like you have known before, or want to understand better? Then this is the journey that will give you those answers and help you learn how to empower or release those relationships. It will provide an opportunity to learn if the person is a soul mate, life mate, twin flame and if there is karma to heal between the two of you.

I have found that this type of journey brings so much peace of mind to those who experience it because it supports them with answers that explain their confusion about the relationship and provides wisdom of how to heal it and/or move forward with or without that person in their life.

Body Consciousness – Have you ever felt that you are going in circles attempting to alter a physical aspect of your body without ever seeming to accomplish it? Did you know that the body has its own consciousness? This type of journey allows you to meet with and learn from your Body Consciousness how it wishes to be honored and talked to. Learn how to synchronize your intentions for healing, weight, health and vitality.

A Mastermind Group causes a synergistic energy greater than the sum of the two beings energies added together. The result of this journey will allow you and your Body Consciousness to form a Mastermind Group and work together to create the vibrant health you desire.

Past Life HealingMany of the journeys I have done for myself and others are to ask how to heal … a physical imbalance, a relationship, an emotional issue, release a repetitive enabling pattern/addiction, take power back from being a victim, etc. In almost every case, I am shown one or more past lives that represent the root of the emotional cause that needs to be healed and released.

How do we heal something in this lifetime when it didn’t start in this lifetime? Few people are able to achieve that on their own. Most of us need to go back to the root cause. What is important to note is that you only need to remember and heal past life issues if you did not get to heal it on the other side/heaven before coming back into a physical embodiment.

Doing Past Life Regression to prepare for a movie role, I learned that you actually fully experienced the pain and fear of the past life cell memory while seeing the experience. Journey work is a much easier way to learn the information. As a Shaman, I see and describe the scene for you so you do not have to re-experience the depths of pain and emotion that Past Life Regression opens up. That is the reason I recommend journeying over past life regression.

DivinationDid you ever wish you could meet with and talk with your Angels, Spirit Guides or an Ascended Master? A Divination Journey is an opportunity to do just that! You can hear what your Angels, Spirit Guides and/or an Ascended Being needs you to know now. They will provide loving guidance concerning the life situations you are dealing with at the moment. Just create your intentions on what you would like guidance about before the journey. Or choose to do a Divination Journey with questions and answers so you can hear what they wish for you to know now and get your questions answered. Know they will never provide knowledge that will take away your free choice. All divine knowledge received comes from pure love, from their desire to guide you towards awakening your light and your soul’s evolution.


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