The Dimmer Switch – August 15, 2012

Even though the energy of the summer solstice is winding down as far as the sun is concerned, it is revving up for each of you. This summer was meant to get everything in place so you can leap forward with the autumn gust of energy that will blow through all of Earth and her inhabitants’ energy fields. If you are flowing with life right now, that means you have cleared imbalances and are ready to leap. If you are blocked or feel stuck, you have work to do, quickly.

Dearest souls, you have received so much guidance and lots of opportunities to balance your health, well-being, nutrition intake, sleep habits and exercise activities. The sooner you get those in harmony, the happier, healthier and more vibrant you will be in your core essence of spirit. That strength is what will attract your heart’s desires and cause your dreams to come true.

Those of you who are out of balance are feeling off-centered, tired, irritable, sluggish, angry and fearful. This means that you have toxins to eliminate from your body or life. Toxins such as excess weight, righteousness, judgments, doubts, self-hatred, rigid ideas and/or low vibrating foods, emotions, old belief systems, jobs, environments and attitudes. They will eat away at every energetic aspect of your body, mind and spirit.

Think of yourself as a light with a dimmer switch. You were born fully turned on, bright and shiny. Each time you see or hear something that doesn’t feel good you turn down the dimmer switch, hoping that if you are not as so bright, that uncomfortable energy coming at you will go away. Many of you end up in adulthood with the switch on automatic shutdown causing you to be drawn to all of the food and daily habits that align with low frequency resonance. When your dimmer switch is low or off, it means you are in a depressed state of being or suicidal. To turn up your frequency, you simply turn up the dimmer switch, one turn at a time.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to turn up your light/frequency. First, start with your thoughts … think about the things that you like about yourself and others – what you are good at, how do you treat people, what are your skills, or theirs, etc. Thoughts are the most important beginning because they are the triggers/buttons for the electrical system of your body. Be gracious to that extremely important life force of your being and of all others.

Next, address the foods you eat. The more natural and wholesome, the more energy you will receive from these and the brighter your light will be. With each artificial ingredient and process a food goes through before it enters your body, the more dim your light will be as a result. Instant anything virtually has no life force and will cause your dimmer switch to be very low or off. Eating foods without life force leads to an addictive habit of continually needing artificial stimulants to function.

Sleep assists your body to express your light. If your physical structure is tired, it will not be able to support your light no matter how brightly it shines. The same scenario is true with exercise. The human body is designed with bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. If they are not “well oiled” how can they continue to move? Does a race car win if it was left in a garage for weeks and never driven?

The body is a miraculously designed structure with billions of intimate molecular processes that coexist in an intricate community network of synapses. Each time you choose to honor yourself or others with grateful appreciative thoughts, eat vibrant foods, rest and maintain your physical structure, the dimmer switch will turn up and your light will get brighter. Remember, you already are a bright light … honor it by turning up the dimmer switch.


Archangel Raphael