Yin Yang Balance – July 21, 2012

You have been given many messages on the importance of balancing your energies this year. Mother Mary came from the perspective of the male/female balance of the emotional energy field. God spoke about the polar opposites balance of the mental energy field. The Sun spoke about the implosive/explosive balance of the etheric field. I would like to discuss the yin/yang balance of the physical energetic field.

The yin energy is the internal/structural/chi energy of the body. The yang energy is the external/support/active energy of the body. Yin energy would include: organs, blood and bone. Yang energy would include: muscles, tendons and movements of the body. These two aspects also align with the hemispheres of your body and brain. Yin is the feminine/implosive/creator/ still left side of the body and right side of the brain*. Yang is the male/explosive/thinker/doer right side of the body and left side of the brain*. Your world, especially the “wealthy” countries, is way too yang in every structure and aspect of your existence. Interestingly, the cultures and tribes you consider poor and uneducated are actually those that are the richest in spiritual, yin/ yang balance. If you were to learn from them, you would find yourselves happier with less of everything and much healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is the most important thing to you … lots of money … a donation to charity … a prestigious car … safety to get where you need to go … a big house … a home and efficient space … the latest style of clothes and accessories … timeless clothing that feels and fits well … buying new things … recycling … the latest electronics … the most economical tool for what you need … a stocked pantry … healthy, fresh alive food … your favorite TV shows … a walk in the park …? The above are all yin/yang choices. Can you distinguish which is yang and which is yin?

Your thoughts and approach to what you choose to do, own and create in your world can be yin choices or yang choices. It is time for that awareness to be up front, in center, close and personal. Balance is extremely crucial for all of you to move forward in the new energies. That is the way to flow, vibrant health, creativity, manifestations and joyfulness in the 2012 “Now” Ascension process. You have many opportunities to choose consciously … what will you choose?

*Correction of the radio show.