2011 WOW Newsletters

One Year Old – January 7, 2011

A New Year with new perspectives, new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities, new friendships, new faith, new trust, new conversations, new wisdom, new lessons and new manifestations await all of you in this year of creativity and growth. Last year was the birth year after your completion in 2009. This is the year that you are one year old, so to speak. Think about a one year old. They are in awe of what is blooming around their eyes. Their world is fascinating, anew with lights, bells, jangles, giggles, laughter and gurgles. Joy fills them when they are surrounded by Love. But what happens if they are not? They cry often, are fussy and cringe into themselves. We ask, “Which one will you be in 2011?”

Yes, you get to choose. Will you continue to surround yourself with people who are negative and participate in complaining and arguing to be right? Or will you accept that everything is right and in the highest and greatest good for your intentions and purpose? If you know in every cell of your being that life supports you and trust with all your heart that you are capable of manifesting your dreams, life really does molecularly create your will. Many of you trust in that, and when it doesn’t arrive, you stop believing again. The key is to believe before, during, after and continually even in the face of no concrete evidence. To truly create your life in an entirely different dimension financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally then has ever shown up before, you must see yourself beyond the barrier reef that is keeping you on your island of discontent and unhappiness. Trust in the face of no agreement. That is how those that overcome their social environments do it. Your desires may manifest quickly or they may take many attempts depending on your ability to trust. Edison discovered 1000 ways that a light bulb will not work before he discovered one that would. Fortunately, he did not participate in the conversations that defined him as failing 1000 times. Your planet’s history has many powerful examples. Those who swim beyond their barrier reef of doubt/distrust/fear never give up and lose sight of their visions. They know there is a way and will find it versus wondering if they can. You get to choose. Remember the message of one of your favorite children’s story – be the little red engine who knew he could!

Create 2011 into the dreams and desires you wish; leap beyond the barrier reef of your fears and doubts; trust in your ability to manifest molecular movement; disengage from people, places, things, events and jobs that focus on negativity/complaints/fear and remember that everything on your planet has a plus and minus charge. Always choose to see the plus and find Joy in every moment of this adventure on Earth. Happy New Manifestations!!!…


The Wise Ones

Choose to Flow – January 22, 2011

Karen keeps asking us what is going on with the weather patterns on your planet lately, especially in America. Why is there so much cold and snow? Why are you seeing so many weather anomalies throughout the world? The answer comes in many forms.

First, there are universal and galactic changes occurring. Remember when you move one ball in a box, it shifts all others. Your universe is one box, so to speak. Because the molecules are shifting, it is causing a shift in gravity and hence a domino reaction causing everything to move and flow differently.

Second, is the consciousness of human emotions. The white of the snow represents purity; in essence, snow is dense white light. White light is the combination of all colors/emotions thereby bringing all possibilities of healing to all areas it lands on. The thicker the snowfall, the more powerful the opportunity to cleanse is. Equally powerful is the fact that snow brings us inside, literally and figuratively. It slows the pace and causes you to stay at home with family and yourself allowing more opportunities to heal all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “homes”.

Rain washes and cleanses the areas it falls on. Water represents the flow of emotions. When it rains, there is an opportunity to release bottle up emotions through the water in the body, i.e. sweat, urine and tears. Many of you become extra emotional on rainy days. This is why. Use the opportunity and let it flow free.

Storms, wind, hurricanes and tornadoes all have the effect of turbulence -literally shaking up the emotional air of the areas they hit to bring a new perspective and clarity to those affected. Heat, dryness and drought bring an opportunity to calm emotions and offer stillness to go within.

Magnetically, your planet is shifting with galactic changes. When a polar shift happens it affects all energies on the planet – electronics, emotions, weather and physical bodies. You can put up safe guards and balance certain electronics on your planet, but you cannot control weather or some of the beings in your world. You are finding many dead fish and birds that were not capable of grounding to overt the magnetic changes that happened. Luckily for many species, the earth helps you to ground and keeps humans and animals from short circuiting during magnetic fluxes.

These are powerful energetic times on your planet. It is crucial to move to your heart centers of love, acceptance and oneness. You are literally being blanketed with white light, flushed with water, shaken to dry and jolted to change. The more you accept and flow with it the easier and more peaceful you will feel. It will allow you to drive down the street of your life with awe and wonder at the capabilities of your planet to mold and shift with energy. Gaia simply moves into what is next. Follow her lead, meld and mold into the new perspective. It is not what is wrong, it is what is next to create a more unified oneness, trust, acceptance and love between the imaginary borders of your countries, beliefs and hearts. Choose to flow in the awe inspiring heights of this new universal perspective. It is what you are all asking for in all of your holiday cards and songs, isn’t it? Simply choose to accept it and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the majesty of life on earth.


The Wise Ones

Remove, Reword, Rework – February 7, 2011

February is an interesting month for your world. It is the in between month so to speak. Lots of Americans still rely on a groundhog to determine if winter is leaving or staying. Depending where you are geographically located, it is the month between winter and spring. Some see it as the month of love and/or the possibility of love. Others find renewed hope after climbing out of emotional blues following your holidays. It is the shortest month with the beginning of longer days. But now, we are here to tell you another purpose for February.

It is the month of spiritual evolution for your planet. Earth reawakens every February after her evolution around the sun. She goes into a darker period of time as she revolves and in that darkness cleanses her shadow side/negative energy, man and his habits release into the planet. When she cleanses, man has no choice but to cleanse also. Any dark, gravitated feelings will be magnetically pulled to the surface. Many of you are experiencing that pull of emotions in the last two months. That is why so many of you are having the flu which results from massive amounts of negativity. Stomach viruses are a result of not knowing how to stomach what is happening around you. Colds are emotional overwhelm. It is important for all of you to know, you are affected by Earths cleansing and any cleansing coming from those around you. We want to emphasize it is not what is wrong, it is what is next.

Take this month to release anything else there is to let go of emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You can release it by giving it away, literally cleansing it from your body, changing your speaking or changing your mental neuron thought patterns. Remove, Reword, and Rework, the 3 R’s of spiritual growth. It does not have to hurt unless you choose that. You can release with forgiveness, acceptance and grace. If there is a previous event that keeps looping into your conscious thoughts, keep forgiving it until it has no emotional hold or power over you. Forgive and let go of the souls involved in those grievances so you can be free of the chains that bind you to them. Every time you think of the “wrong” you feed it and keep it alive and strong. You are its keeper, the one who has it locked in your memory bank. When you stop remembering the hurt, you starve it, your memory bank deletes the empty folder and its grip is severed.

February is the month to cleanse old grievances, free you from chains of pain and open up enlightened space in your emotional memory bank to fill with renewed hope, light and love. We wish you all a month of unconditional Love for you, first and foremost, and the radiant glow that echoes to all others.


The Wise Ones

Trust – February 21, 2011

Trust…critical, crucial an absolute must!!! Now that the light energy is so bright on your planet it is essential to trust that everything is perfectly aligned and happening at the right moment, in the right place, with the right people and the right outcome. Whatever the result is …it is perfect. Regardless of what you wanted and how you wanted it to arrive, if you choose that the outcome is perfect, it will molecularly become a positive result. It is time to stop making lemonade out of lemons and trust that you always have lemonade that takes no steps to arrive at, it just is…always.

If you are thinking about what you could have done differently; why something showed up the way it did; how you could have thought differently; why you can’t manifest; how you can get out of the repetition of same old, same old; what you can attempt next, and why you didn’t make a different choice, you are in a resistance frame of mind (ego) and everything you want is blocked from coming in. Yes, in the past few years, you were supposed to become conscious of your thoughts and change the way you thought about things. Now that mental exercise will stop you in your tracks with brutal force and cause you harm. Think of it this way. If you were floating along in a row boat and put an oar in to stop a moment to regroup, it would barely rock you. Now, the frequencies are so much stronger, it would be like racing along on a clipper and sticking an oar out in the water. You will go flying out of the boat, probably get hurt and be totally off course from the direction you wanted to sail to. Plus, it will take much more time to get back in the flow and begin swimming in the direction of your dreams.

Physical illness represents resistance. Ah… we hear Karen thinking, “But what if it is the perfection of the body cleansing and releasing old emotions?” Touché! That is exactly how to turn it into the perfect lemonade. Make that body (anything) right for what it is doing. You must be willing to move through whatever is happening with that level of trust to start walking forward in this first year of growth in the new spiritual paradigm. Trust in the situation, pain, sickness, weather, event, opportunity, interaction, conversation, choice, “coincidence” and thought. When it is perfect, it will lead to a wonderful result …from this day forward. This is the key to manifestation, joy, happiness and peace. It is in the state of trust that molecules magically reconfigure. Trust clears the space for your thought waves to create your intentions. Any doubt will affect its ability to create and take hold. Start to notice the people who seem to have everything flowing in their lives. They are usually making the statement, “It is all good!” Join in, it is a process, but the result is radiant joy!! And practice makes perfect!!!


The Wise Ones

Re-righting Balance – March 21, 2011

There is much happening on your planet at this time that has an air of unsettlement about it – wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, famine, tornadoes, etc. One could choose to see this as the end of times talked about in many religious texts. We are here to empower you to choose to see this as the beginning of new times.

Remember, Earth balances energy that is out of balance. Some of what is happening has to do with man’s choices. Some of what is happening has to do with planetary and galactic changes. Every time a change occurs, Earth will restructure herself to balance again. Nature naturally balances, humans continually choose to be unbalanced. Hence the constant emotional polar shift and yin yang need for Earth to re-right herself.

This age of human existence is meant to be the end of those times. It is meant to be the end of humans choosing to create discord with themselves, each other, other races, earth, animals, land, other countries, and other worlds. The shift is about choosing to naturally be in balance with all of life. It is for all of you, not against all of you. It is about accepting all of life’s processes and working with Earth to rebalance. If you make life and Earth wrong and get angry about what is happening, you are contributing to the discord that is causing more unsettlement. If you choose to send love and peace and see those in tumultuous areas as your brothers and sisters in this journey of life, then you are helping Earth right the balance of energies and create oneness among all beings. That is one of the intentions of this shift.

Your planet is in a much higher vibrational state at this time. It is much more sensitive to the energies each of you project. Will you support Earth and life or cause her and your lives unrest? Your emotions matter, your feelings matter, your choices matter … You matter. You can make a difference or be a part of the “problem” – choose. And whatever you choose, stand powerfully in that decision. If you choose to be upset about what is happening and continually complain about it to others, you will double the impact and the discord. If you choose to send Love, Peace and Oneness, you will double that impact for the planet, yourself and others. Choose consciously, fully and completely, and then let it be. Don’t harp on it, seesaw your decision or wobble your choices. Find peace in those choices, whatever they are.

This is a powerful time on your planet. What you choose matters. You can be a part of the shift to a 5th dimensional existence of Love or remain in a 3rd dimensional ego/fear structured world. You are free to choose. What energy will you send to Mother Earth and the people in weather beaten, war torn areas? We guarantee that they already have way too much fear and upset energy in their regions at this moment. Will you add to it or subtract from it? It’s your choice. Love heals all wounds. Fear deepens and expands all wounds.

We hope you will choose Love, Peace and Oneness to empower Earth and your spiritual brothers and sisters in this rebalancing moment of time. Remember what you send out echoes back in multiples. It is your choice. What will you choose for yourself, each other and the planet?


The Wise Ones

Just Breathe – April 5, 2011

It’s Spring and many of you are feeling sprung! – sprung from the chains of the old, from the hopelessness of the past, from the fears of the future, from the pains of your doubts, from the despair of your anger, from the control of your ego. Unfortunately, some of you are sinking in all of the above. Don’t worry; Earth is helping itself and all of you to release those old patterns. In every region of your world, some form of weather is “opening” the portals to shift from the 3rd and 4th dimensional existence to a 5th and 6th dimensional existence. Yes, most of your world has moved into a 4th dimensional thought pattern. There are, of course, those areas enmeshed in the 3rd dimension of wars, needing to be right and wanting to control power, but that offers the perfect opportunity for the souls involved to be released from the victimizing cast/slavery structure they have been chained to for centuries. A perfect example of that is Egypt. They stepped above war and stood in the 4th dimension thought process of releasing their fears to step into the 5th dimension of love and peace. All souls and soul pods (groups of souls traveling together) on your planet are getting many opportunities to shift during this time of ascension. It is time for all of you to fully stand in the awe inspiring glow of your lights/spirit.

Have you been angry, sad, irritable, anxious, depressed, hopeless, and feeling stuck? That means you are breaking through and releasing old toxic cell memories from the core of your soul, the same as Earth. Keep going until you have released all of it. You will know you are complete when you wake up peaceful and know that everything is divinely in the flow. If you are feeling hopeful, joyous, excited and alive, congratulations, you have stepped into the 5th dimension of love, trust, wonderment and the now. Keep shining for those that are releasing and continue being a source of love to light the way. Judgments and making people wrong in today’s energy will have the same effect on them as holding their heads under water in a pool. It is very important for all of you to realize that what you think, powerfully projects out to all others, more than ever before. So always remember that whether you are in the 4th dimension of releasing ego and old patterns or the 5th dimension of love and trust in life, keep respecting others and where they are on their paths.

Our message to you today is meant to help you understand where you are on the ladder of ascension. We have heard your prayers, thoughts, anger, joy, passion, faith and turmoil. Many of you are dealing with choices of letting go and surrendering. Others are fearful for the world, finances and your well-being. We want to reinforce that it all has a purpose and an ending. Remember to stay in gratitude. There is always an opportunity if you look for it. Ask for it and remain thankful so you can hear, see and feel the answer. The answers are all around you. Go into a meditative, peaceful space and breathe – breathe – just breathe in the peace and silence. One thought, one step at a time you will walk into hope, faith, trust, excitement, love, joy and peace. Breathe….just breathe into the 5th dimension and be Love, Joy and Peace.


The Wise Ones

Happy Resurrection Day – April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day!!! We purposefully waited until today to bring forth the second message of April. No matter what religious doctrine you align with, the energy on your planet today is powerfully sourced with resurrection capability. The term resurrection means to rise from the dead; to come back into use or revival. So how does that apply to you?

Last year we talked a lot about new landings. You were moving from the old into the new. Many of you have been in a state of transition; others have been in the void between the old and new. The energy coming forth this spring is one of revival; it is time to arise back into “use” with your new state of consciousness. That means that you must let go of old patterns, stuff, limited belief systems, jobs, fear and relationships based on ego to lift into a spiritual frequency. The old stuff is dense and heavy, you cannot fly there and it will continue to cause dis-ease.

Follow Earth’s example. She is cleansing massive amounts of negative energy and rebalancing her magnetic fields. The tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wind, ice, rain, snow, fires and avalanches are forcing humans to do the same. We know it is not easy for many of you on the planet that are going through this to be grateful for it and see it as something good, but it always is. Storms purge, clean out the old and allow space for new wisdom, growth, technology and creation. Allow the possibilities by blessing the new opportunities. Emotionally sending more fear and upset to the situations will cause more turmoil, chaos, fear and panic. Instead, send love and light to Earth, air, water, soil and all living beings. Ask spiritual sources to assist those in weather beaten and war torn areas. By doing this every day you will support your entire planet to lift its frequency and move through these energy patterns.

It is time to revive and arise into a new level of consciousness, oneness and peace. It is time to come back into the use of service. Each and every one of you can serve the world daily by sending love, light, oneness, peace and grace to all that is. You have always had this power to serve through your heart light/spiritual essence. Now it is time to resurrect it to a new level of consciousness, connection and creation. Imagine the possibilities into being!!!


The Wise Ones

Spring of Ascension – May 4, 2011

At this time, your planet is filled with the turmoil and upheaval of ascension cleansing and the wonder of magical dreams coming true. Ordinary little girls can become princesses in the midst of massive destruction. Sought after enemies and extreme ideals can be silenced. These are all jolting changes that signified the best of times and the worst of times. You are seeing the peak of fear and ancient customs shifting in the midst of love, camaraderie and connection. The old world is being shaking up and shook out. The new world is blossoming. Welcome to the spring of ascension.

Congratulations on the magnitude of love and light that you have been sending out. It is registering in your planet’s atmosphere and it is making a difference. Many of you now believe that you have the power to make a difference. You are seeing subtle manifestations that lead to next steps, hopes and desires. Events are starting to take shape that let you know your thoughts do powerfully manifest and you are choosing to create your thoughts into what you really want them to be! Hold onto your ideals if they are from your heart/truth. Let go of the “in order to” control. Allow the flow of excitement and little things to boost your day and keep your frequency aligned with manifesting. Earths lights are turning on, portals of energy are opening, and possibilities are blooming. It is time to start new beginnings, trust in your light power, accept the process of releasing and have faith in your creations. You already are part of the energy many of you call God. It is the energy of all creation. How could you not be worthy? Why wouldn’t you be able to manifest? Why do you keep yourself and all others separate? Only your own thoughts limit you from your birth right and only your judgments limit others.

There is a song from the musical Camelot that goes – “It’s May, it’s May, that lusty month of May, when all the maids go flitting about, wistfully astray…” – Camelot – a place of unconditional love and acceptance where all are one at the round table of life. It is time to have a lust for creating your life, bring innocence to your faith, trust in the perfection of what is and wistfully go forth in delightful manifestations of a world filled with Love, oneness, peace and light.


The Wise Ones

Happy Freedom Day – May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!! It is the perfect day to talk today about freedom. How do you become free from being a victim in work, relationships, and situations and from substances in life? The answer is, make it right.

You may ask, “Make it right? … What does that mean?” Whenever you make something wrong, such as the place you work or what someone does/says/chooses or how something shows up, you become a victim through your thinking and speaking. Once in a victim state of consciousness, you then start vibrating at a lower frequency opening up the susceptibility to dis-ease and attracting back more of the same. Lower vibrating fear based emotions such as anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, hatred, manipulation, apathy, dishonesty, shame, quilt, worry, blame, disrespect, etc. flourish in that lower realm of consciousness. You become a self-fulfilling prophecy of not good/worthy enough and the light of who you already are is hidden, resulting in unhappiness, illness and despair. You are responsible for your power, choices and consciousness. You choose what you think, express and feel. Do you want to stop being a victim? … Choose to make everything right!

Let us make something very clear. We did not say that you have to agree with everything. We said to choose to make it right. If you do not agree with your companies policies, that is OK. Just remember it is their right to make them. Live with it or move on. If you do not agree with someone’s choices, honor their choice to make it. If someone’s choices impact your world and that is not comfortable for you, then you must stand fully in your power and work out a compromise or leave the situation. Allow family members, friends, associates and acquaintances the respect of their choices – you do not know what karma and soul contracts they came in to fulfill. You making them wrong simply diminishes your light, lowers your frequency and keeps you a victim.

The 13 year cycle of cicadas have serviced where Karen currently lives and they arrived in huge numbers. There are 1.5 million per acre or 800 tons per square mile. The sound of their wings resonates at an 85 – 88 decibel level. For weeks she has heard people say they “hate” the cicadas. Never having experienced the southern brood before, she simply observed them. Cicadas, come out of hibernation to mate, reproduce, be a food source for many predators and die giving back valuable nutrients to the earth and trees. They harm nothing and no one. As she observed them, she noticed they are a perfect example of playful, joyful fun in the now. They have one brief moment to love, laugh, frolic, be curious and exist. Their gift and expression is loving joy in the moment. She fell in love with them and the music of their wings. And yet, people “hate” this annoying, inconvenient, harmless being…? Why?

When you exist in a fear based/victim consciousness, you will always be “protecting” yourself from anything you do not understand or perceive/make wrong as being an annoyance. In that consciousness, you cannot even see love, joy, fun, play or frolic in the other being, whether that is a cicada, spouse, child, coworker, employer, sister, brother, parent, friend or acquaintance. You can only exist in one thought consciousness at a time – Love or Fear. Love needs no protection.

On this Memorial Day 2011, we invite you to choose freedom through Love – choose to release yourself from the chains of victimhood by looking for what’s right, loving and peaceful in the situation. Everything in life is a wondrous opportunity to grow as a spiritual being. The power of who you choose to be and what frequency you choose to manifest in is always yours through choice.


The Wise Ones

New Views – June 14, 2011

We have been asked to speak about the three eclipses occurring in your solar system this month. You had a solar eclipse on June 1st; a lunar eclipse will happen on June 15th with the full moon and another solar eclipse will occur on July 1st. These three events bring powerful opportunities to each of you if you choose to use them.

Eclipses represent an opportunity to look at the shadow side of life, emotions, events, circumstances and yourself. It is a time for going inside to come out anew. Think about going into a cave. You have one view at the entrance, but when you come out at a different location, you get a completely different perspective. Your view now has expanded pieces of information to add to your visions databank for future reference. When an eclipse happens on a new moon, it gives you an opportunity to come through the darkness with a new approach to life, emotions, conversations and what is happening. Full moon eclipses provide an opportunity to look at what shadow/negative/fear based emotions and old belief systems need to be released. Your ego emotions will be greatly impacted with a lunar eclipse versus a solar eclipse which will allow you to go deeper into your heart light/compassionate feelings.

Don’t be at all surprised if you have many opportunities this month to emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually leap forward in who you are, what you choose and how you express yourself. Your solar system is giving all of you a jump start this month. Use these opportunities wisely. See relationships from a new emotional perspective; have conversations come from your center of power and heart light; jump into creatively expressing who you are; run with your new awareness’s; leap with joyous optimism of the new; have faith in the expanded light of consciousness from your new “views”, and soar with the greater light being released in Earth. Remember, she goes through what all of you go through, releasing the emotions absorbed from humans. It is a time to show deep respect to yourself, each other and your galaxy. All matter is affected by these changes. Use it wisely, or it will use you. You can be a victim or a victor. Choose…. And enjoy your new views!!!


The Wise Ones

Happy Independence Eternity – July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day to all Americans!!! We wish to write about freedom today since it is appropriate for all countries and nations at this time of ascension! What is freedom really? What is independence…really? Your dictionary’s definition for freedom is “a being free; independence” and for independence, “freedom from control of another”. But aren’t you always free? And yet, how can you be free when you are already one with everyone else?

You will only ever be free when you accept that you are One. To continue to ask for independence means you must separate from source energy of love and light. That means you must separate from the very essence of who you are. This is the cause of much of the struggle that exists on your planet; and in your consciousness’s, countries, governments, choices and your daily activities. When you stand in oneness, you are free … always and forever throughout eternity. The end.

Oh, you want more? (Karen just called us smart asses! Clearly she is separating!!!) We jest in fun to awaken you to a new awareness of who you are. This past month has been very challenging for many on your planet. New waves of light energy came in with the solar eclipse new moon on June 1st pushing all of you to open up your heart and ability to love to a greater degree. June 15th’s full moon eclipse smacked many of you in the face with deeper tucked away issues of ego/fear – judgment, anger, victimhood, resistance, not being enough, not feeling loveable, etc. to release. Now the July 1st’s solar eclipse new moon light energy can fill that opening with expanded heart light for a greater capacity to love yourself and one another. It is time to be free of separatism.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is in every one of you, not just countries in civil unrest. When you clear it in you, your planet, communities and countries will be free.

On this day of independence, we ask that each of you choose freedom from this day forth. Stand in the new heart light energy created in the last month and choose freedom for your thoughts, choices, conversations, attitudes, opinions, relationships, work, government, politics, religions, and most importantly, you. When you start with yourself and know that you are love, light essence and one with all that is, you will be able to see other’s actions and simply observe their interesting choice of what they wish to learn. You will no longer be triggered or have a need to judge it as right or wrong, good or bad. It just is their choice of how to learn.

Choose freedom by knowing you are one. Nothing is outside of you. All that happens is part of a magnificent flow of learning and growth as you shift your consciousness to a 5th dimensional state of being. Happy Independence Eternity!!!


The Wise Ones

The New Walk of Light – July 17, 2011

With three eclipses complete, many of you have been washed, churned and washed again. Now what? … Time to release whatever was in your face if you haven’t already. If you have, time to look at yourself and ask “Who do I want to be now?” Yes, the reward for your faith walk is to recreate yourself as the loving, light consciousness you were born as. Earth, humans and some of your animal species have all been in this process for years. If you have done the work of releasing, forgiving and cleansing old cell memory and toxins from your body, you are ready. It is time to step into an unconditional/Christ/Buddha/Krishna (whichever master of that work you want to choose) consciousness.

What we wish to enlighten you with today is how to stay in this new walk of light. The biggest pitfall that will knock you backwards is focusing on any past issues. Whenever you think about a past upset, hurt, wrong, judgment, pain, bam… you will slam into the ground as if you jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Please don’t do that! You MUST, MUST, MUST release all old, past events that have ever had any emotional charge to them. If you are on course and ready for this shift, you have already forgiven them. There is absolutely no need to bring them into consciousness anymore. They no longer define you or give you a point of reference, worth, value or purpose. This is the way you stay in the now and the ability to create your life from joy, love, faith, trust and co-creation with God/Spirit/Universe.

Some of you will not be ready to do that and others will joyously leap forward and fly with it. Wherever you are is perfect because it is your path and you are the pilot of your journey. Many of you are still in situations for karmic reasons with other souls. Honor that. 2011 is about lifting, shifting and getting into alignment with the loving consciousness December 21, 2012 brings in. It is July… much support will continue to come to all of you. Happy trails to you…


The Wise Ones

Adjust and Realign – July 30, 2011

We have been asked to talk about the energies of the last two weeks and why so many of you are wiped out! Remember, everyone on the planet has been brought through the eclipses of the last month. Light is shining strongly now on any ego/fear issues that have not been addressed. Those that are clinging to their fears or the need to be right are fiercely holding on to them, to the point of anger, obnoxiousness, greed and rudeness. Some will realize it and apologize, others will demand that you shift and others will outright yell and scream to be heard. You will all be faced with this in one way or another. Our greatest advice is to disengage. Just let them be and do not react. Instead, respond from a loving stance of a solution even if it is not the solution they want to hear. It will take patience, kindness, compassion, truth, wisdom, trust and love to accomplish this. And… that is what this new “age” is all about.

Remember, not everyone is choosing to shift. Look at America and their Congress right now. There is a large contingent still clinging to the greed of previous administrations and the need to be a powerful country. They are being faced with humility and have not learned how to “swallow” it, so to speak; but that is represented in every country, every business and almost every organization that exists on your planet.

The murders in Norway are an example of a human who did not know how to shift the energy within his consciousness and literally “exploded” it out. Earth is still shifting, cracking, breaking and rumbling her way through the changes in similar ways that each of you are facing. Many of you have been hit with colds, aches, pains, injuries, allergic reactions and indigestion. This is because your bodies are shifting and processing out old stuff out you have released. Do not panic, it is a process. Do, however, get the necessary assistance you need to help your body release it.

Welcome to the new energies of this new time period. 2011 is the adjustment and realignment phase of the 2012 ascension process. Everything that is happening is for a very good reason and cause in moving humanity and your planet forward. How it shows up will always be a result of what each of you choose and think about. You can all affect it, every day by sending loving thoughts and consciousness to the world. You each matter and you each make a difference. Always remember the light of who you are in each conversation, situation, circumstance, event and decision. You are love, light, peace, truth, joy, wisdom and one with all that is… always…


The Wise Ones

Happy Flowing – August 17, 2011

Major changes continue to occur on your planet physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are all feeling the light force that is causing you to shift your frequency. If you are resisting releasing control, judgments, fears, old hurts or stepping into what is next for you, you will most likely be experiencing physical pain. Move with the flow and it will feel like you are flying.

This is the time to ask questions and get clarity as to your purpose. When something happens, ask what the lesson/opportunity is for you to shift. Continue creating what you want your world/communications/dreams/manifestations to look like. Stand in faith and the knowing it will show up the way you visualize and create it. That is the way to be in your core strength, centered in truth and opportunity. As the energy fields on your planet continue to open they are causing pulsing waves of higher frequencies to move through everything. If you are not staying in centered core strength, you will feel as if you are being pummeled and battered. The best analogy we can give is the ocean. When there is a storm out at sea the waves become very high and cycle back and forth in an oval pattern. As the storm intensifies, the waves become broader, rounder and last longer, covering more space. The waves of energy coming across your planet are following a similar pattern. The difference is the wave patterns are covering your entire planet causing longer, broader, and rounder waves of energy to wash over you. If you ride the wave as “opportunity” you will soar into it. If you ride the wave as fear/doubt you will slam into it. Choose your thoughts carefully and consciously. It matters more than ever with the current energy patterns.

These energy patterns will continue throughout 2011 to deliver you into 2012. Whether or not you are delivered into the 5th dimensional consciousness of love, acceptance, and oneness depends on how you choose to “ride the waves”. Are you ready to let go of your old labels, identities, belief systems, thought patterns and stories?

If you are continually “forgetting” things, good, that means you are releasing them — continue. If something you wanted doesn’t manifest, it means you have an underlying resistance or it didn’t align with what you asked for. Know that in the energy patterns that are now flowing around your planet, things you want to manifest have to align 100%. Alignments at a sixty, seventy, eighty or ninety percent level will no longer work. Continue to visualize and see your manifestations and they will flow into place 100% in sync with your visions. This is the opportunity that awaits all of you. Happy flowing!!!


The Wise Ones

Love, Peace, Oneness and Hope of 9/11 – September 14, 2011

It is time for the fall season once again. After the hot summer season many of you had, you are ready to cool down. Last year, fall was meant to have you land on some type of solid ground after the many waves of new energy arrived. This fall is going to be a little different from the last one.

First we would like to address something that happened, mostly for America, on Sunday, September 11th, as an example for everyone throughout the world. Many people around the country took the time to watch the news media’s relentless repeats of the attacks on the Twin Towers of New York City, the pentagon in Washington D.C. and the crash of a plane in Pennsylvania which caused several thousand citizens to be killed. We wish to provide you with a different approach to honoring those magnificently brave citizens who chose, before they came on the planet, to empower the world with their choice of how they left it.

Think back… on September 11, 2001 there were live images of prayer vigils and communities coming together throughout the world in ways that have never happened before due to the advancements of media. The energy of Love, oneness and the wish for peace was at its greatest level to date on Earth. If you need to look back at this event, we encourage you to look at that aspect. From our perspective, September 11, 2001 was a bright light of Love, peace, oneness and hope for all nations to come together in one magnificent wish for humanity. This is the feeling and expression to focus on which will result in your world coming together in service for humanity, not separation of who is right and who is wrong.

With Earth’s energetic frequency being as strong as it is at this time, looking back on the fear, destruction, pain, anger and grief of that day will end by causing a huge ripple effect of more of the same energy. Anger, resentment, fear and pain will cause dis-ease in you and dis-ease/war/ separatism throughout your world. Is that really what you want? Instead, honor the souls who sacrificed their lives by holding onto the Love that exploded on your planet that day. That ripple effect will make all of the souls that transitioned thrilled that they served the world to the highest and greatest level possible.

You are moving into fall, the settling down phase of Earth’s seasons and you are arriving closer and closer to the Aquarian Age of 2012. If you wish to do this with peace, ease and flow, keep looking ahead, not behind. Focus on what you wish for, not the pain of what happened. During the last several months, Earth has been going through huge magnetic/energetic shifts causing all of you and your weather patterns to be swept up with it. That will settle down to some degree to give all of you a chance to breathe. Take advantage of the opportunity and start putting into action all of your intentions. If you feel the urge to start something, look for a new job, volunteer, clean your closets, complete a project, write a book, visit a friend or get a new hobby… now is the time to do it. The energies are settling in to allow your choices to flow into place if you aligned with your vision and stay focused on your intentions. The next four months can be very productive if you choose to create from your heart and fill it with passion, laughter and service to yourself and others. Happy falling into flow!


The Wise Ones

Happy Hallowed Activity – October 2, 2011

October is such a fun month for many of you. It is known in America for Halloween, a tradition that has children and some adults, go out and receive a reward for dressing up in a costume to expect a “treat” from neighbors, friends or strangers. And it is a month of transition – moving from the relaxation of the sun’s heat to the preparation for winter’s chill. Why are these important for the newsletter and how do they connect (we hear Karen and many of you asking!)?

Why would you want to put on a costume and knock on a door to get something sugary sweet? Is it an opportunity to move beyond your fears, to put yourself in front of people to make a request? Or is it a way to be something other than who you are so you will be “treated” in ways you would not be as yourself? We wish for you to look beyond the history of the holiday and the candy makers’ reasons for Halloween. At this time of ascension it is critical to align with truth, customs, foods, belief systems and practices that empower your spirit, health, light and movement forward. We ask you to step back and look at your truth and heart light before stepping forth in actions or traditions. If the tradition is aligned with the intention of love, vibrant health, fun, play and sharing…jump in! If you are following a pattern for the sake of fitting in, step back, search your truth and only move forward when you find a feeling that resonates with love. Follow a tradition, step forth in an action and choose an activity because it lifts your spirit, empowers your intentions and aligns with your heart light. Those are the activities that will allow you to soar peacefully, easily and smoothly into the energy of 2012.

Preparing for winter is about transitions. Think about how many transitions you have all been through in the last five years. Those reading this newsletter have been awake and aware to the point of consciously choosing how they walk through those transitions. Many on the planet are not. They simply walk through the paces and follow the crowd in a rote pattern. It is now time for all of you to create a conscious walk through the seasons as well. Are you moving through October just keeping up with the calendar of events because that is what you always do? Or are you consciously aware of the days getting shorter, the leaves falling off of the trees, the squirrels gathering their nuts, preparing your homes for wind and winter chill; honoring the soil, gardens, plants and trees to ready their winter solstice and quieting your mind and meditating to settle into the “fall” of activity?

This month, take time to smell the last roses of the garden, enjoy the crispness of the air around you, feel the warmth of the shorter days and consciously choose actions that align with your truth and heart light. October is a beautiful month to look at your traditions and patterns to transition them into intentional, vibrant frequencies of love that flow into 2012! Happy “hallowed” (holy or sacred) activity!


The Wise Ones

Accept What is as Perfection – October 13, 2011

The full moon of October brings an opportunity to release. Energies and possibilities are now expanding, opening the perfect window of opportunity for your actions to flow forward. We have suggested that you let go of old emotional thoughts, belief systems and judgments many times before and it is time to say it again. However, in this newsletter, we are going to give you the specific perception to let go of that is causing resistance for all of you either directly or indirectly from other souls around you. Accept what is in your life now as the perfection of your soul’s choice in what you came into this lifetime to learn or heal.

We hear your grumbling and we understand. Why would you have chosen “X@@%%&* _________ (fill in the blank)” to be in your life? Ask yourself. Your higher self/soul knows. To move beyond anything you wish to be different, ask yourself what lesson or aspect of your perceptions and thought processes do you want to heal/learn at this time. The only way to move beyond these is to fully understand the lesson. If you are angry about where you are, keep beating yourself up about why you are there or complain about what is not working, you will stay stuck in that place and the discomfort/pain will get worse. Ask for the opportunity and you will get the lesson/reason for being there and either find peace with it or discover solutions and actions that will cause a shift in the situation.

Why are we giving you specifics now? We want you to take advantage of the opportunity to move in the current energy flow. Whenever you are unhappy about anything in your life, you are in a resistance pattern and it affects everything – and we mean every single thing in your life.

Think of life as a river. Manifestations and abundance are downstream. Upset, judgments and what you do not want are upstream. When you are unhappy, angry, upset, judging and resenting you literally cling to the rocks facing upstream, fighting the flow of life and, as a result, exhaust your body, strength, organs, health, wellbeing and energy. For some of you, it takes utter exhaustion or dis-ease to release hold on the rock. With the energies so powerfully flowing at this time on your planet, holding onto the rock/perception/belief system will cost you tremendous energy. Exhaustion, fatigue and dis-ease will arrive faster and more intensely than ever before. Please, take our advice and accept that everything is in divine perfect flow. When you accept that it is, you will flow downstream towards everything you are envisioning for yourself. Caution, when you surrender, make sure you have your vision powerfully in place so the water knows where to take you.

It is time for you to leap into your dreams and manifest your desires. Trust that you will fly with the perfection of what is in your life now, and it will. You have all flown so far. Don’t lose sight of your desires now. Let go to flow!


The Wise Ones

Staying Centered in Integrity – November 05, 2011

October 28, 2011 was the end of the second to last phase leading to 2012 and the Aquarian Age. The phase you just ended gave you the opportunity to release all fear, doubt and distrust. This next phase will call forth your integrity. Both phases are powerful chances to cleanse and purify your energetic fields to hold and move through the new frequencies of loving light essence evolving on your planet. The intensity of this energy will increase and you will need to stay centered to flow with it.

There are people, organizations, businesses, governments, religions, structures and groups which will hold onto the old ego mindsets that created many of the energetic imbalances affecting your planet at this time. The people and structures that hold on will feel and create more chaos than you have previously seen. Be aware, stay centered, and send love. If you jump in to make them wrong or judge their choices and actions in any way, you will get sucked into their chaotic vibrations and get churned in the storm of their energy. Think about how uncomfortable it was last phase. We are warning you ahead of time that it will be even more uncomfortable if you get involved this time.

We hear you asking how to stay centered through all of this. First and foremost, send love, white light or violet flame (God’s breath that transmutes all energy into love) to any negative thoughts that arise in your thinking or to anyone you are around who is resisting letting go of their ego mindset. In doing this you will assist yourself and anyone around the situation to feel the peace of the energy called in as it holds a sacred safe space for an emotional shift of consciousness to occur. Also, send that energy to the multiverses, Earth, all elements in all galaxies and especially, water, soil and air to support and nourish all beings. This practice is a gift that will continue to give as it resonates and ripples to all energy forms everywhere.

Second, meditate daily. Meditation is more critical now that ever. This is truly easy to do in a very simple structure. As you are waking to begin your day, hit a 10 minute snooze button on your clock and use that time to set the day’s intentions. When you come home from work, take 5 to 10 minutes and focus on your breathing to release work and the frustrations of the day. As you drift off to sleep, focus on the visions and end results of the dreams you are creating for your life. You will need a minimum of 20 minutes to 1 hour per day to maintain your core center throughout the energetic shifts that will continue to occur.

The third way to stay centered is to maintain your well-being. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Make sure to stretch, walk and exercise to keep your mental and physical muscles flexible. Eat foods that are full of light energy — i.e., super foods, vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, fish and protein sources that are humanly raised and allowed to eat natural foods. Remember, before you start eating, to invite the food to enter your body as love in every molecule and have it aligned you with vibrant health and vital energy. Bless the souls (all food sources have a soul) that sacrificed their lives to serve you and the expanded consciousness that is created from the synergy of your combined energies. Praying over and blessing your food cleanses off any negative energy within the cells of the food raising its frequency to a higher vibration. If you cannot afford organic vegetables/fruits and grass-fed meats at this time or they are not available, you can alter their purity by a gratitude blessing. Any cruel treatment, pesticides, genetic modifications and mishandling will be transmuted through the love of your prayer and enter your body as loving energy — only if you remember to do it before you consume the food.

This last phase of integrity will call forth your worth. If your actions are not in sync with the words you speak, you have no value on the planet. Start paying attention to what you say and observe whether or not the actions you choose align with your speaking. We will say more about this later. For now, we wish you happy, centered “beingness” through all storms!


The Wise Ones

Be “Thanks Giving” – November 24, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Originally, it was a day of giving thanks for the blessings of food gathered together to feed a community. It was a day of oneness when Native Americans sat next to the colonists in union of a purpose to survive and support each other. Now it is a tradition of families coming together to bring their favorite dishes to the table to share in food, fun and laughter. Or is it something else?

We are amazed at the shift in consciousness that continues to happen in the hearts of those awakening to the consciousness of the Aquarian Age. Many of you are opening up your hearts to support the coming together of community on a daily basis. There are many ways of giving and many ways of giving thanks that do not fall in the realm of the traditional Thanksgiving. However, every day when you pray for the planet you are in “thanks giving.” Every day that you pray for your loved ones to be blessed you are in “thanks giving.” Each time you ask for the highest and greatest good, you are in “thanks giving.” When you admire a sunset, you are in “thanks giving”. When you smile at a stranger; pick up a dropped belonging for a person walking by; give someone directions; let someone in front of you; give money to a homeless person; send a get well card to someone sick; hold the door open for the next person entering; acknowledge a person’s contribution or accomplishment; call a friend; state a compliment; pet an animal or tell someone you love them, you are in “thanks giving”.

Several days ago, Karen had an airline reservation to visit her family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. As always, she said a prayer before purchasing her ticket that the result be in the highest and greatest good for all concerned. In her mind, that meant for the highest and greatest good for her and her family. But universal energy expanded that prayer request to all of the souls flying from BNA airport on that date and time. Karen, a very detailed, organized person had the wrong time cemented into her consciousness. And none of the support people helping with her trip caught the error. The reminder email from the airline was read, but the flight times unnoticed. A phone call from the person picking her up asking if she was at the airport and if the flight was on time, was unheard by her or the person taking her to the airport. She arrived at the gate one minute before the departure time to discover her seat had been given to someone on standby. Was it her mistake, or “thanks giving”?

As she went to the ticket counter to arrange another flight, she surrendered her upset and remembered her prayer of the highest and greatest good. Perhaps her family would have been in an accident going to pick her up or she and her friend might have been in an accident driving to the airport. Then she remembered hearing about a woman who got a standby seat on an airplane in time to arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to her sister before she transitioned. Tears came to Karen’s eyes with that thought and she realized there were too many things that got in the way for her to be on that flight. Clearly, there was a higher purpose involved.

Today is the holiday of Thanksgiving, but tomorrow and every day thereafter is an opportunity to be “thanks giving.” Will you choose to continue to bless and trust that whatever the results are, there is a divine purpose for the worldwide community?

We wish for all of you the highest and greatest good always. Happy “thanks giving”!


The Wise Ones

Surrender for Freedom – December 10, 2011

Today is a significant energy day. It is the full moon before the winter solstice and the beginning of 2012. Many of you have been feeling bloated, constipated, water-weighted or have gained a few pounds in the last week. That is in alignment with the energy shift occurring at this time.

As the galactic changes occur, Earth keeps rebalancing herself to align. As a being on the planet, you will be affected by those same energy shifts. Many of you may have had fits of anger, bouts of depression, emotional outbursts, personal conflicts, etc. in the last week, which are all perfectly common in energy shifts of this magnitude. Always remember to go back to the core, trust the opportunity and stay centered in your heart light knowing everything is right. Be easy on yourself, this takes practice. Your world has raised you to believe someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. That old paradigm will not work in the new age of Aquarius.

Use the next three days to be gentle with yourself. Meditate and see yourself as a beautiful white golden light that soars and dances and flows with ease. Ask your higher consciousness to merge with you — it is your Wise Ones knowledge – you all have that data bank. Choose to allow your higher consciousness to release all excess emotions that are weighing you down. Accept all hurts from the past as truths learned and bless those souls. Feel the lightness of being that occurs as each one of those hurts is deleted from your energy field. Every “wrong” you carry around is excess weight in your being that you emotionally have to manage/control every moment to keep it stuffed down with food, drink, drugs or energy. This emotional baggage is the largest cause of stress, illness and disease on your planet. You must release it to easily move forward into the new age.

The beautiful full moon of today is a wonderful opportunity to surrender (Webster’s Dictionary meaning – to give up possession of) and release all emotional hurts you are still carrying around. Are you ready to choose freedom for yourself and release the burden of that weight? Whatever you choose, we applaud you.


The Wise Ones

Karen’s Holiday Letter – December 25, 2011

What a year it has been for many people I know. It was a year of highs and lows, joys and triumphs, tests and lessons all filled with an intense, extreme flow of energy. I know I wasn’t alone in facing walls of fear, health imbalances, financial challenges, major career choices, job contradictions and emotional attachments to let go of or drown in. All of the enlightened masters I work with in other realms always remind me that life is like an onion with many layers. So this year was another opportunity to gain a deeper level of faith, trust, love and knowing the truth of who I am — a beautiful light of God, perfect and pure in spiritual essence. Unfortunately, that little bugger of an ego sometimes gets a mind of its own and raises all kind of chaos in this human body when I forget who I am!

This year brought some understanding of why I was to let go of moving to Asheville at this time. I am graced with beautifully loving supportive friendships that are the wind beneath my wings on those days I forget I can fly. It was a year to punt, regroup and refocus my visions to bring forth my dreams in a new way.

In February, my immune system was so spent from working in a building with air quality out of alignment with vibrant health for my body, that I could not take a breath without coughing. I found Dr. Clifford who uses the NAET program to electrically change your body’s response pattern to allergies. Thankfully, I can now breathe, do yoga/Pilates, hike, and exercise again. Next year my mission is to add singing and dancing back on that list.

One dream I have had since I was a little girl was to lose weight in my thighs and hips and maintain a healthy weight for my body. Under Dr. Clifford’s care, I did a 43 day HCG program that allowed me to release the weight in my abdomen, hips and thighs and reset my body’s metabolic weight set point. A wonderful side effect of the program was an empowered immune system. Now I get to reshape my muscle structure into the long, lean look of a Pilate’s teacher and dancer. Yahoo!!! I’ve enjoyed buying new clothes and feeling great in my skin!!!

Jasper, my handsome silver gray tabby, won his battle with MRSA (a staph-resistant infection) after six years thanks to Manuka Honey. This particular form of honey comes from New Zealand and the Manuka Tree. It has incredible healing properties and can be used on humans and animals. Jasper loved it mixed with pumpkin that he gobbled down every night while I got his bandage ready. He even relaxed immediately when I put in on the wound. My vet is now starting to use it on other animals. After 1-½ years with the last bout of this infection, we are both free! And Kayla, my tortoiseshell cat, is super happy to be able to chase her brother around the house again!

Since March, I have been dealing with my lips swelling, burning and blistering. The allergist and I could not find the cause. Some doctors diagnosed stress, another Dr., allergies. Bottom line, now that it looks like I will be in Nashville a little longer, I will have a new job in 2012 and healthy lips! You can all hold me accountable to that statement.

In April, I surprised my Father for his 85th birthday. Four generations from seven states and all significant others were present and had a blast! We accomplished that again in November when we were all present for Thanksgiving. What a joy and blessing to get that chance twice in one year! On the other hand, it is the first Christmas ever that I will not be with my family. Instead, I am giving myself 11 days off and the gift of time and space to write “Divine Guidance from Love.” It’s ready to be born and I am very ready for 11 days of rest, relaxation and doing the work that is my passion.

The fabulous news I have to share this year is the success of Awakenings and my work as a Spiritual Interpreter. I am now working with clients from other countries and have an international radio show called “Awaken Your Light,” the same name as my website. This year’s growth emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually allowed me to connect to and interpret wisdom from my higher consciousness known as the Wise Ones. To all of you who listen to the radio show, read the newsletters, do journey work and enjoy my interpretations, I thank you with every cell of my being. My spiritual work is the greatest gift I have to give as a soul, my purpose on this planet, my passion, my joy and my love. It gets me up in the morning and gives me hope for tomorrow. Thank you for empowering and supporting the best of who I am!

2012 is a long anticipated year — the end of the Mayan calendar and the alignment of the solar system as we know it. My spiritual work tells me it is a wondrous time in human evolution when humanity learns how to love ourselves and each other as one. It is a time to choose cooperation as the new sustainable model of support for each other and the planet. Old unsustainable practices must be redesigned into sustainable structures for us to move forward as an economy, country, world, and planet. We may not know what the end result will look like, but we all know changes are in the process and they must happen. We have the opportunity to grow in love, trust, allowance, acceptance, oneness and peace. I wish this for you, your loved ones and all of God’s children from all realms. May you fly in the hope, love and joy of your own higher/love/God consciousness as we soar into the new unknown wonders of the Age of Aquarius.

Grace, Peace, Love, Joy and Light,

Karen Cressman