Self Empowerment Coaching Testimonials

“You are one of the finest spirits I’ve had the privilege of knowing, and the white light within you is quietly intense”… Marvin Kaye, Director, NY

Karen is truly a rare gem in the realm of spiritual development. Her vision of the world as it is now becoming is a vibrant light that inspires others and thereby accelerates the collective consciousness forward to a much higher vibration. I know that certainly I have greatly benefited from her decision to share her inspired vision, skills and talents. I’ve been on the path for many years, but in the short time I’ve known Karen, I have personally learned a great deal that I’ve been able to directly apply to my own journey. I’ve suddenly broken free from the pile of distractions, excuses and obstacles that I had somehow become entangled in.  Her intuition and insight has allowed me to identify and to flow beyond what had appeared to be impassable rocks and boulders blocking my progress downstream. Karen has acted as a highly skilled, loving and supportive teacher allowing me to make great strides along my own path.” … Paul, TN, Engineer

Karen’s coaching is 100% based in love and empowerment.  Her love and light shine through in every moment and her voice and smile instantly raise the vibration and help lift me up to a higher frequency as well.  She is able to utilize her psychic gifts to both connect with my Spirit Guides to gain a greater perspective and to help me access my own inner wisdom and knowledge to form a deeper connection and awareness with my Higher Self and Divine Guidance, so that I may make the best decision at any point for issues in my life.  I leave each session feeling peaceful, loved and loving, and more focused.  Thank You!” … Laura Sapp, Lebanon, TN, Data Management Specialist

“Since having you as a spiritual coach my mindset has changed to focus more on the positive in all areas of my life from my desires, to waiting for my soul mate to arrive, to being patient when it came to fulfilling my passion as an event planner, to being patient and positive as an established jazz pianist, to being more aware of what I speak into existence as well. I have learned the importance of love in all of life, that we are all connected not only as people but to the animals, plants, dirt anything made from God because when it is all said and done we all are spirit beings. Thank you Karen, for opening my eyes and broadening my mind – One can definitely feel the love radiating from you. I pray God continues to use you as the beacon of light to educate those to help them experience life the way God intended for all of us to live.”… Kandes, TN, Event Planner

If you are looking for an individual that can help provide clear insights into your life mission, Karen is the right person for you. When I met Karen, I was looking for a spiritual perspective on many tough career decisions I was making. In a short time, she provided me with a spiritual framework that would allow me to use my gifts for the greater good of humanity and myself. Her diverse background provided me with many breakthroughs and sped up my decisions to follow a life path that meant more than just being a successful corporate executive. I appreciate her ability to define and understand many of my spiritual challenges and provide key insights into how one can combine one’s vision with values to provide an individual with an exceptional life.” … Tripp Braden, Strategic Performance Partners, OH

Karen is a natural intuitive. There is little doubt that she recognized my potential long before I did. Her guidance is not directional, rather subtly instructional, where I found answers to questions that resonated from an inner sense of truth and spirit. Speaking with Karen is like having a conversation with your truest self. I often notice her presence, whether in person or voice, dissolves my ego babble, my defensive shields and can lift me to a level of divine recognition and gratitude. Karen doesn’t find your path; she works in a way that reveals your true nature and purpose through your own empowerment and intuition.” … John Fedderson, Yoga Instructor, NJ

“I can’t express all the gratitude I feel for receiving your friendship and your help during one of the darkest phases of my life.  I was facing the closing of my business, financial bankruptcy and the virtual collapse of my marriage. With your Coaching and guidance, I now am in the job of my dreams, my marriage is mending and the future looks very bright for me and my entire family.  My spiritual beliefs and my personal growth have accelerated to new heights and with your continued Coaching and the assistance of the universe, I will continue to grow and flourish.” … Janet Meek, Sales Consultant, TN

Karen has helped me awaken and discover my true self. The last year and a half of my life has been a big transition period. I have been clearing a lot of limiting blocks and finding out my true strengths. Through Karen’s Shamanic Journeys and guidance, I have flowed through these transitions with much more ease and joy. Her Coaching has had a tremendous effect on my life, and I am so grateful to have met her when I did. I now feel like I am in my true power and light to help affect the world in a positive way. I definitely recommend Karen to anyone who has questions about who they really are, because she can guide you on how to find and radiate out what your heart and soul want. Her gifts are incredible!” … Ryan Rose – Songwriter and NLP Empowerment Coach, TN

“Karen has been a wonderful personal friend and a mentor to me for many years. She has a grasp on healing that is extraordinary and she does her healing work with great passion and purpose. Karen keeps an open mind yet is consistent in her work. She helps me “stay on track” as no one could, has unique insights and helps me focus on my Reiki and energy work with enthusiasm. She has been a “Gift from God”, to me on my journey. Her style of coaching is from her own sense of personal truth and she lives what she teaches. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who might desire healing and energy work; as I feel she is a natural coach and healer.” … S.J., AL, Social Services Educator

“Karen has been instrumental in helping me get my life back together after separating from my husband. She has helped me to see my strengths and my weaknesses as well my true self. She has been a light in a dark time in my life and has helped me to find the path that I needed to take for such a time as this. I am forever grateful for her healing words during our coaching sessions. She has helped me to see things from a different perspective and understand the law of attraction even better. Thanks Karen!” … Cindy, TN, Web Programmer

“The journey work that Karen did for me gave me the insight and the ability to heal the loss of a relationship. It was much like being allowed to become the observer of my past, seeing into it a bigger picture of why certain relationships come together, like finding the lost pieces to a beloved puzzle. Such knowledge brings completeness to the heart, a compassionate understanding for the patterns we have created in a past. This understanding allows me to choose new patterns, now from the heart, instead of the emotional ego. Karen’s insight and her Coaching was and continues to stir my own insight. Time and again, I have this insight to guide me in my path. Karen gave me the tools to both take my life back and move it forward. VERY empowering!!!” … Dianne Chaffin, Reiki Master, SC

“Karen’s Shamanic Journey provided so much for me, from confirming why I’m here to relaying new information about myself and my life. That, combined with her Coaching, gave me the access I needed to clear the blocks (my “stuckness”), shift my perspectives, raise my energy and be empowered on all levels. The results so far: I share my life with the love of my life, I’m lit up by my work, I live in the knowingness that I am a sacred being, and much, much more.” … Linda J., Atlanta, GA, Marketing Specialist

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Karen who continues to help me personally realize on a daily basis that, I have life force energy…Chi. I associate this word to Karen for she has been instrumental in getting me back on track when my energy is out of balance. She is skilled in incorporating many techniques to keep my energy balanced. This experience is always enhanced because she is a dynamic communicator, listener and believer of nurturing my inner life spirit. Sometimes in my life the only way to deal with this planet is to get back to nature and my sense of self and to deal with what is. Karen’s mastery these days is helping me overcome the big “F” word FEAR. I welcome Karen’s guidance in incorporating various techniques that will continue to promote healing of self by influencing that energy that surrounds and penetrates the body. Her personal attention is one of the many advantages of the healing power of energy medicine and a natural means for me to empower my ultimate well-being.”…DT, West Chester, PA, Sales Associate

How do you say thank you to someone who has given you your life back? The past 7 years of knowing you have changed my life. I am so thankful that your persistence, knowledge, and unending effort changed my entire being.  You are truly a gift from above – like an angel.  In 2006, I was unhappy with myself, my job, and everything in my world … I didn’t love myself either.  I let all the negative things in my life rule my world.  I viewed having someone in my daily life like you as a real annoyance.  As the years passed, I stubbornly refused to listen, but you never gave up on me … how I don’t know, but you stuck with it. I want to say thank you my friend, you’ve shown me the light I had lost and opened my world to a wonderful new level.  Each day as I begin to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” a new level is opened. You’ve given me the tools and I remind myself every day, at some point, that I can do this and to think outside the box.  Still learning, I know I will stumble, but will always hear your voice encouraging me.” … L. Perry, Research Assistant, TN

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