Reiki/Lemurian Krystal Elder Healing Testimonials

“Karen’s readings have guided my life-choices for ten years. Through the information she has brought me from my higher self, guides, guardians & angels, I have clarified and beautifully refined my life purpose & goals. The Lemurian Krystal Elder Healing session went one step further with “rewiring the circuits” by removing connections to old relationships and releasing a long-held pattern of subservience to others. I feel purposeful, more free, & much more centered in my personal power now. I also received an additional blessing of their psychic surgery on a damaged kneecap. The emotional, physical & mental benefits of this reading are apparent for me with every interaction. I have changed jobs, relocated & am working on my second book while researching publishing the first! Thank you, Karen, for providing the intermediary service to bring me right where I need to be!” … Carol B, Ocean City, MD