Self Empowerment Coaching

Awaken Your Light and Attract Your Heart’s desires!

Do you want to feel powerful instead of a victim to circumstance?
Do you want your life to light you up?
Do you want to feel happy and joyful?
Do you want your relationships to be authentic and whole?
Do you want your career to be something that you value?
Do you want to feel peaceful throughout your day?
Do you want flow and harmony in your everyday activities?
Do you want to trust in the divine flow of the Universe?
Do you want your love to shine forth and become the source of your energy, vitality, actions and reactions?
Do you want to love yourself for everything you are and everything you are not?

If your answer is yes you are a candidate for Self Empowerment Coaching.

What is Self Empowerment Coaching? … The answer is simple: “If you want to play a better game of golf, hire a Golf Coach. If you want to play a better “game” of life, hire a Self Empowerment Coach. A coach is someone off of the “playing field”, emotionally unattached, that sees the whole picture and recognizes patterns that are keeping you from moving forward in having what you want in life. A Self Empowerment Coach teaches you the tools to accelerate the speed and velocity with which you move through life lessons allowing you to have the life you want now!

What is the difference between the way I coach versus traditional Life Coaching? … My training as a Life Coach was based on achieving goals – “Have, Do Be”. The curriculum I have developed for Self Empowerment Coaching is Ontological – the study of “Being” – and is based on Intentions. It’s about “Be, Do, Have”, not “Have, Do, Be”.

 Here are some examples:

  • The community has a softball team. Parents buy their child a glove and sign him/her up to become a softball player – “Have a glove , Do the sport, Become a player”. Ontology works in the opposite flow – parents observe their child constantly wanting to throw and catch a ball whenever possible and the parents realize they should sign him/her up to play in a team – “Be a player, Do the sport, Have a glove”.
  • In 2000, I was at the Miss USA pageant. I watched as 49 beautiful, talented women walked around the stage wearing gorgeous dresses, doing all the steps they were told to do, hoping to become Miss USA. One woman walked, talked and was already Being Miss USA. You could see by her actions, that in her mind, she had already stepped into the role. It was no surprise to me when they put the Miss USA crown on her two hours later.
  • Have you ever watched the Olympics? How many times have you seen the person with all the medals, training and experience, slated to win the Gold medal, take second place to the underdog, who nobody thinks has a chance in the world to win? Instead of focusing on winning, the underdog passionately puts their heart and soul into every second of doing the sport that brings them pure joy causing them to already “Be” the winner.

Throughout my studies in multiple different schools, I have learned that life is a reflection of what is inside of each of us. If you want life to look different, change who you are being about it. As the Law of Attraction states – what frequency we send out is what frequency we receive back. What we accuse others of is our stuff, not theirs. When I give my power to someone or something else, I am a victim. Fear, anger, negativity, overwhelm, desperation, being stopped, stuck in yuck, worthlessness, and not feeling loved are all symptoms of personal power loss. I have learned how to reclaim mine and unconditionally love myself. When you unconditionally love yourself, and life squeezes you, love radiates out to everything around you.  Happiness, joy, prosperity, and peace are the results.

The Law of Attraction is about “being” the frequency of what it is you desire. “Be, Do, Have” is where the true power of your Spirit exists. It’s is in your intentionality that you will “be” what you so greatly want to attract. And when you are aligned with the frequency of what you want, what you want will flow to you.

 How do I “Be”? … You choose to be 100% responsible and accountable for your thoughts, perspectives, choices, opportunities and solutions. You choose to be someone with integrity who stands behind their word. You choose love/spirit based thoughts instead of ego/fear based thoughts. You become aware of your feelings and consciously choose thoughts that cause you to feel joy every millisecond, of every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every year. Self Empowerment Coaching will help you uncover the unconscious thoughts and emotions that are attracting the things in life you do not want.

Are you ready to learn to empower yourself to choose unlimited thoughts, possibilities and solutions that align with your desires to create a life you love?

I will guide you through the process of uncovering the already present loving “Being” that exists inside of you. You will learn to unconditionally Love who you are and accept who you are not. It is time to choose to “Be” the powerful light source that you are. Start today and give yourself the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself … create a life you will Love and attract your hearts desires!

Two Types of Self Empowerment Coaching Available:


*First, we will pinpoint limiting core beliefs and emotional blocks to  uncover your fears, and    the blessings locked within them.
*Second, you will create new, empowering, SELF LOVING core beliefs!
*Third, you will re-write your history,present and future with the blessings you have uncovered and your new core beliefs.

Miraculously, this process can be accomplished in 21 days! This commitment to yourself requires a purchase of a three session package, scheduled as one session per week, within a 21 to 30 day time frame. Order Now


The opportunity of Intentional Self Empowerment Coaching is to catapult your life forward in ninety days. You will be responsible for taking on the commitment of choosing ten areas of your life that you wish to shift, alter or release. I will assist you in choosing new intentions and thought processes to focus on and accomplish, as the achievement of your work.

This is a three month, ten session commitment to YOU and the ability to manifest your dreams come true! Order Now

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