Karen & You

As a child of the Multiverses, you are part of universal Loving Light Consciousness*.  My life purpose is to guide myself and others to remember the Spiritually Loving Being who already exists in each and every one of us … and in all that is.

You deserve Love. It is the only state that feels good!!! I have learned how to unconditionally love myself, and truly walk the walk of consciously choosing loving thoughts over ego thoughts.

Do you want to become a person who:

chooses to shift ego/fear thoughts to spiritual/love thoughts

  • loves self for who you are and who you are not
  • looks for what is right about situations
  • sees all situations as opportunities
  • finds solutions
  • knows you are 100% accountable and responsible for your life and what you attract into it
  • chooses to perceive others as sending love or a cry for help
  • acknowledges and empowers greatness in others
  • lives in Integrity
  • is a best friend to yourself and others

Allow me to help you “Awaken Your Light” and remember the amazingly beautiful, spiritually loving Being that already exists in each and every one of us and all that is.

There are several modalities we can use to assist you. You can choose to use one or multiples of these modalities depending on what results you want to achieve, how many inaccurate perceptions of yourself you desire to let go of and what level of love you are committed to feeling for yourself and others.


Shamanic JourneysReceive Divine Guidance from Other Realms

Self Empowerment Coaching Awaken Your Light and Attract Your Hearts Desires

Reiki/Lemurian Krystal Elder HealingBe a Balanced Energy Field

ToningVibrate Well Being

Speaking Engagements – Learn How to Unconditionally Love You


*Your Light = Unconditional Love = Spiritual Being = God Within