Spiritual Interpreter Testimonials

“Karen has the most incredible giftShe can stand both inside and outside what she is experiencing, and by doing so, opens a door into a new world that is crystal clear. She led me through an interpreted reading of a Life Purpose Journey, and the messages have had a profound effect.  I now have insight into a much larger version of myself and am drawing strength from that as I move ahead.” … CJ, NYC

I had a personal reading with Karen and she goes so far beyond kindness, time and energy. The reading is beyond what I call the new wave of spiritual teachers. She speaks from a place that very few people are able to actually tap into and those dimensions come through with such clarity and wonderful communication. A lot of people have come before her out into the public and have recognition, and these great ego celebrity names as psychics. But what she does is so far beyond that mundane kind of third world dimensional reading. Her readings are life changing and that is the new spiritual reader. She taps into places that bring forth such clarity about our journey in life and on this plain. I just want to encourage everyone that the specials she charges are just so worth the therapy you will get in life! When I see people drawn to their love and their passion with such conviction as Karen has, it comes through so genuine and there are few people that are similar to her that I really endorse. I’ll tell everyone right now, watch out for this lady. She is going to be standing on a stage one day and her waiting list may be quite long.” … Tricia Kelly – Author, Screenwriter.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for assisting me with discovering my Life Purpose.  The Journey was revealing and confirming; the connecting with my previous life is allowing me to move forward with confidence and assurance.  I feel as if I have discovered the missing piece of the puzzle in my quest for spiritual awakening.  Meeting my spiritual guides has given me a sense of peace and calm just knowing that I’m not on this Journey alone.  To any who may have an interest in discovering your purpose, I highly recommend the services that Karen offers.  Thank you so very much Karen!” … B. Baker, Nashville, TN

“The reading I just had with Karen has brought so much clarity to the causes leading to my late husband’s passing. I am relieved to have an idea of “why” for an act which seemed unreasonable and unnecessary as he was such a wonderful man. The information she gave me has laid my mind to rest and given me peace when I think of him now.” … Cookie, MD

First I wanted to thank-you for such a transporting and informative journey that you led so amiably and with such clarity. I’m attempting to integrate what was shared with me during the journey now that I have been introduced to my guardian angel, master guide and spirit guide. This has also gotten me to look much more strongly into putting the time and effort required to write a book that has something important to impart. So thank-you for continuing to be an extraordinary “light bearer” despite what obstacles life might have thrown at you.” … Jeff Ferrannini – host of www.planetary-spirit.com

“Karen’s journeys have taken me to destinations both strange and wonderful. She has managed to help me make important life decisions based on the information gleaned from these other times and places and these decisions have resulted in a more peaceful lifestyle for me as I let go of energy draining guilt and second thoughts. I admire her work a great deal and have benefited from her efforts”…. Carol Borsello, Reiki Master/Massage Therapist, TN

I recently had a Life Purpose Journey with Karen to help me gain greater clarity on my current life’s purpose. During the session a visit with my guardian angel revealed both who he is and also a traumatic but courageous childhood experience from a former life. That event fueled my current life’s purpose, and its revelation provided the clearing of an old, limiting pattern that was hindering me now. I’ve gained even further clarity from listening to the clear CD replay of the session. Thank you, Karen, for your intuitive skills and your dedication to serving humanity.”… Charles, TX

Karen’s journeys are incredibly powerful, healing, and enlightening! She is able to go to a space and time to communicate with my guides in order to answer my question and provide the light, wisdom, and information that I need and want in order to move forward in my life with the knowledge and guidance that best serves me. Each journey is both magical and awe-inspiring and another piece of the puzzle has been answered for me to continue my healing and live a life with greater peace, tranquility, and wisdom.”… Laura Evans, TN

As a result of the journey, I’m beginning, for the first time to see my patterns and repeated codependent behaviors such as people pleasing, abandonment, and fear of making a mistake. Most importantly I saw how being stuck in fear has ruled my life” … S.J., TN

It has given me an insight into my marriage. All of a sudden certain dynamics of my relationship with my husband made so much sense in light of what the spirit guides told Karen. This knowledge has helped heal my relationship!” … Annie Brunson, Composer, AL

Karen is a joy to work with. Her journeying on my behalf was incredible. It confirmed exactly where I am and provided me with the next steps to focus on. The journey was a very valuable and timely experience to support my journey to a higher spiritual level.” … Cathy Nealon, Life Coach, NH

My experience from my Shamanic Journey was very enlightening; joy filled, and provided spiritual awareness for becoming all I can be. I thank Divine Love for my Guides because now the path for my life is clearer.”… Marie, TN

Karen’s assistance allowed me to understand and work thru some issues I have not been able to break through. She is so positive, supportive and clear in her assistance. Truly a light of love with many gifts to share and I am so grateful to have met her on my journey.”… ML Olympia

“Within each of us is a Powerhouse – A divinity at the core of our soul. For some reason we forget this the moment we enter the Earth plane. We forget that we are angels who have taken on human form. We forget that God gave each of us unique gifts to share with the world. We forget! When we cry out from our soul to remember, God sends someone to help. Thank you for being that someone for me. Thank you for taking me on a journey to Lemuria and connecting me with my gift as a “Divine Spiritual Teacher”. It was even more special because it was revealed to us that we both have awesome powers. We are now awake to our divine purpose. How awesome is that!” … J Jackson, Nashville TN, retired Major.

Karen’s healing work has shown me that we put God in a box. We have confined him in the box we think is right and I’m learning he is really much bigger then that!” … J. Murrell, Retired, TN

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