Vibrate Well Being

I started singing in choirs when I was two.  One Sunday after singing in the church choir, when I was a pre-teen, a member of the congregation told me I had a beautiful voice. My response to her was, “I feel that if God gave me a beautiful voice, I should use it.” My senior year, after singing in a high school talent show, the kids starting calling me the other Karen C. It took me a moment to realize they were referring to the amazing voice of Karen Carpenter. In my mid 20’s, I sang at a karaoke night and a woman walked up to me in the bathroom later to ask if I was a professional singer. When I was in my thirties, I went with a church group to sing Christmas Carols at a hospital in NY. A man in a wheel chair turned himself around to find me and ask “Was that you singing? I thought it was an angel behind me.” Several years later, I was cast in a reader’s theater play. The director told me he used my voice as the focal point to cast all of the other actors. When I performed the role of Agnes in “Agnes of God” and sang the chants in the beginning of the show, I received a call the next day from a friend who was a professional singer. He told he was blown away by my voice and asked why I wasn’t singing on Broadway.

I did always believe I have a beautiful voice and hoped to one day become a successful actress and be able to afford vocal training to be cast in Broadway musicals. Vocal cords are muscles that need training, exercise and flexibility. I had a few teachers here and there, mostly to prepare to sing in friends or family weddings. But the opportunity for focused long term training never came and at 36, I let go of my theater career. After that, I did not have many opportunities to use my singing voice and the muscles got out of shape.

Several years ago, I listened to a radio show and was mesmerized by a woman using her voice to tone different vibrations meant to heal the body and shift its frequency. The idea so greatly resonated with my soul that I bought some of her CD’s and started toning along with her. The practice awakened my voice and I started singing and toning during journeys for clients and while hiking, driving and doing things around the house. I could feel the shifts in my being as I used sounds I somehow knew were from a universal language of healing. Music with words activates your left brain consciousness and you start thinking about the words and what they represent instead of vibrating with the musical notes. Unknown sounds can easily affect your right brain consciousness awakening the oneness, peaceful spirit of your soul.

Many cultures use toning and chanting as a meditative tool to hear and connect to divine energy. Native tribal communities gather around a sick member of the tribe and sing to assist their healing. The voice of the Shaman in me woke up and remembered the universal truth that our vocal cords are our innate source of healing ability, to heal ourselves, each other and the planet. I was lead to research that is scientifically proving which vocal vibrations shift our organs and the cellular structures of our bodies.

Once I had remembered this healing modality, my Wise Council on the other side asked me to start stating an intention for my toning, open my mouth and let the sounds flow out. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to start and end all of my radio shows with toning, specific to the message, which would cause frequency shifts for all the listeners who were willing to receive the vibrations. On one particular show, Archangel Gabriel was my guest and she helped me formulate individual Toning’s for people who called into the show.

Since then, it has become a joy and delight for me to work with individuals to record tones that will assist them to shift a particular emotion or issue they are dealing with at the moment. The recordings can be used for as long as the sounds still resonate for you and saved in case the emotion or issue comes back around in the future.

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