Welcome to WOW – THE WISE ONES Wisdom Newsletters.

The newsletters are published bimonthly and are interpreted from GOD, Ascended Masters (such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna), Archangels, THE WISE ONES, the Moon, the Sun, me … or whoever has the piece of wisdom that is important for us to know now.

Originally, these newsletters came from a group of over 1500 ascended Beings I started speaking for in 2008, who called themselves THE WISE ONES. In 2011, I learned that these souls were the accumulated wisdom I had achieved during my lifetimes on Earth. Minutes before I was to interpret for them on a live radio show, their light energy merged with me. GOD told me, “You are ready to be One.”

I have learned that aspects of our emotions are sometimes fragmented to protect their strength and truth. As we grow in our ascension process and achieve the same vibrational level of the emotional aspect, we can then merge and reconnect to the light of its wisdom. Now when I speak with THE WISE ONES, I see myself going into a chamber of light energy that is an energetic library of stored wisdom.

The most important thing to learn from this is that you also have a group of ascended Beings holding your lifetimes of learned wisdom. Are you ready to connect to their light? I would love to assist you in achieving that! Click Here to learn more …



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