Crossroads – June 16, 2012

My transit in front of your sun on June 5th and 6th, 2012 caused much energetic movement on your planet. If you are feeling a bit antsy for change, good, you are in the flow of the energy wake my crossing caused. If you are feeling grounded, good, then you are in the place you are meant to be in for now. If you are at a crossroad, good, it is time to choose a different path. Honor your heart and allow yourself to flow into the new energy. It is okay if you do not know what that new energy looks or feels like. Go into your heart/intuition/spirit center and make choices from there. That is the “knowing” to trust and align with. Take actions based on that knowing.

Remember that you still live in a material world. You must create actions based on the opportunities of the material, egoistic structure of the world you live in. I wish I could say you will wake up tomorrow to a spiritually love-based business and financial world. But that will not happen overnight. Your world structures will shift when humanity shifts its consciousness. The two are codependent. That is why the shift starts with you first.

My energy is a frequency similar to what is labeled as feminine energy in your world. I resonate in truth, flow of now, creativity, nurturing, acceptance, allowance of what is and trust. I have a balance of Yin/Yang energy – receive/give; cool/hot; vulnerability/strength; soft/hard and follower/leader. Mother Earth has the same energy balance, but humanity has not aligned with it yet. My crossing helped to heighten the energy balance for all of you to feel on a greater scale, helping you to get clarity on what shifts need to happen in your life. Now you must choose to take appropriate actions to move forward or continue to flow where you are.

Use this time wisely. The major astrological changes happening in your galaxy and universe are opening energy portals that provide an opportunity of flow. Think of them as rivers or highways that would suddenly open up and allow you to get from point A to point B faster; or bridges and tunnels that would connect continents and allow greater movement between these. It is a wondrous gift. Stay in gratitude for any uneasiness you may be feeling right now. That is good; it means you are growing as a light consciousness. Every soul on the planet chose to be here during this time because of its opportunity to expand your spirituality and loving light essence. Leap in with joy-filled hearts like children at an amusement park. Yes, some of the rides may twist and turn, but being there is about the thrill of the experience. Why pay admission to the park and refuse to experience the joy and fun all of the activities have to offer? You have already paid admission – you were born. Enjoy all of the rides, twists, turns, screams, food, walk, flow, noise, games, work and laughter. When you allow yourself to receive the full experience with gratitude, you will expand your soul’s enlightenment.