Grace – October 20, 2012

To be the consciousness of Grace and unconditional love, you must accept what is. First you must accept yourself for every choice you make, action you take and thought you have. When you can do that, all defensive resistance stops and you open the flow to shift your choices. Only then will you be able to accept all others for their choices, actions and statements.

Now this does not mean that you have to agree with or respect others choices. The key to acceptance is to let go of judgments — your need to defend anything or state something else is wrong. Every decision made by any human being is an opportunity to explore who they are as a light being. Any reactions you have towards energy directed at you, is an opportunity for you to grow as a light consciousness. It’s not personal, it is an expression. If it feels personal, it is misperceived pain projected at you. If it hurts, you accepted the misperception and took on their pain for them. Don’t, it is not yours and you do no service to yourself or anyone else to take it on. Simply deflect it or better yet, ask God, an angel, archangel or ascended master to dissolve and purify it in the violet flame of God’s breath. Your world does not need any more pain bodies or dark energy fields floating around aimlessly to affect those who walk by.

Vibrant well-being comes when you allow the flow of everything in life. If you resist, judge or argue your case, you literally stop moving and take a stance physically and energetically. Many of you feel stuck in life. This is why. You keep stopping your manifestations by not accepting what happened or what is showing up at the moment. What is present is simply an expression of a previous emotional choice by yourself or someone else.

Think about it this way. When you play any board game, do you move your pieces the same way every time? Or do you change your strategy each game to see what different outcome you can achieve? Do athletes win by choosing the exact same moves and doing the same routines each time or do they make decisions in the moment based on the conditions, environment and actions of their opponents? Life is a constant “game” of moving conditions, environments, opponents and opportunities to “better your game” of spiritual consciousness as a light being. You can play defensively from fear or offensively from love. Grace, Love, vibrant well-being and ascension come from playing the “game of life” for fun, joy, laughter and growth as a light being.

Archangel Haniel