Happy Feminine Energy Day – May 13, 2012

In this year of ascension, Mother’s Day has a poignant purpose. It is the moment to spotlight the importance of balancing the feminine aspect of all beings on your planet. Every physical being, male, female or hermaphrodite, has two aspects – the feminine and the masculine. Because of teachings, social stigmas, religions, mass consciousness and left brain activity (the thinker, doer, analyzer, ego side of the brain), the feminine qualities of love, compassion, nurturing, creativity, receiving, service and mothering have been greatly squashed for centuries. Woman have been receiving and holding onto toxins from others for far too long. That must stop NOW.

The Ascension of 2012′s purpose is to pull forth the consciousness of Love energy on your planet. The ability to Love has been powerfully demonstrated by Mothers throughout all of time. Femininity is the heart of creation, the womb of all new beings, thoughts, songs, books, designs, ideas, theories, movies, new inventions, etc. It is the source of safety, comfort and warmth to birth in. Mother Earth and all beings on the planet are being asked to step more powerfully into their feminine energy so the world can shift its consciousness to love, cooperation and creativity instead of separation, superiority and war mentality.

You are being assisted in this process by the “Supermoon” that appeared last Saturday, May 5th. The name “Supermoon” comes from the fact that when the moon is at its closest orbital point to Earth it appears larger and fuller. The power for all of you in that astrological alignment is that when the moon is closer its force on your emotions is at its greatest capacity. Remember, the moon cycles are linked with feminine energy. Full moons offer the opportunity to release what is no longer serving you or supporting you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. When you release unwanted anger, resentment, jealousy, regret, lies, and judgment and replace them with forgiveness and surrender, you clear an energetic space to create, love, receive, empower, nurture and serve in.

The combination of both the “Supermoon” and Mother’s Day are powerfully calling forth the opportunity to step into the feminine aspect of unconditionally loving, heart-centered consciousness for yourself, the world and others. Any emotions in the way will be brought to your attention to get them up and out. It is important to do balancing work to release any additional bottled up emotions that you may be harboring consciously or unconsciously. If you do not get them up and out now, they will be magnified to a much greater degree in this current energy and will become more and more uncomfortable and unhealthy. It’s time for all beings to balance the feminine and masculine energies of their bodies. Choose to use this time wisely. Honor yourself and do the work now in the next month with the support of both my energy and the moon’s.

Balanced Emotional energy is the place of higher consciousness, power, creativity, love and connection to manifesting your dreams. When you are in balance you will assist others around you and the consciousness of humanity towards the heart centered, cooperative, supportive, love based emotional structure of the new age. Happy Feminine Energy Day to all!


Mother Mary