Happy Honor Day – May 28, 2012

This weekend is meant to honor those who have served and died in wars in the United States, but it really honors all soldiers throughout your world. For those who believe war is the answer to peace, power and the “right” solution, it is easy to celebrate. For those who believe it is impossible to achieve peace, acceptance and oneness through war, it is challenging to celebrate Memorial Day. I wish to share another perspective for honoring this day.

Many people worship Buddha, Jesus and I for being deities. But we are not above or better than any other human on your planet, then or now. The difference is that we chose to walk in enlightened thought consciousness as leaders and teachers in human form. At that time of Earth’s astrological alignment, humanity was very much in an egocentric, black and white, right and wrong thought consciousness. It was much more challenging at that time in history to shift out of its gravitationally dense thinking to a love based, peace filled consciousness. But that has changed for your world. Now you can much more easily accomplish that.

From all of us in this dimension, we invite you to take this Memorial Day as an opportunity to honor yourself first and foremost. Your core essence is a beautiful loving light. You are capable of enlightenment thinking … it is simply a matter of choice. Choose to accept others’ differences; allow their ways of being; live in harmony with those who live across man made borders. Remember that differences, hatred and racism are taught — carefully taught and ingrained. You can choose to teach yourself a new thought, perspective, understanding and trust of what is.

Think about this: Every being on your planet needs water and yet, every language and animal has a different vocal expression for that basic elemental necessity of life. That is the same as different names for the color blue, apples, cars, homes, friends and God. The vocal expression does not change the basic elemental substance. An unconditionally loving energy in one country is called Vishnu, in another, God. And in actuality, every being on your planet has the light of unconditional love within their soul. It is time to honor you as that beautiful essence. First see it in you and then you will be able to see it in others. Honor your choices, truths, lessons, opportunities, and walk in this human form. Become enlightened by letting go of judgment, criticism, racism, war, and class distinctions. Allow your thoughts to continually step out of the paradigm you were taught and into the paradigm of ascension and oneness with all that is. When you learn that whatever you do to someone else echoes back to you, you will truly understand that the most loving choice for yourself will be for everyone else as well.

Jesus, Buddha and I showed you that it is possible for a human to walk in acceptance and unconditional love. Now you have the same opportunity to walk that walk with us, next to us, as our brothers and sisters in unconditionally loving light consciousness. For you, Mother Earth and each other, choose the walk of enlightenment and Honor. Happy Honor Day!