Happy Leaping – February 25, 2012

A new wave is almost here. Hold on, you can make it! The energies will be settling down, smoothing out and more easily manifesting with the Spring Solstice on March 20th. We will discuss that more in the next newsletter. What is important to talk about today is the significance of February 29th – 2012′s Leap Day.

February 29th is a significant day. It is “free/extra time” so to speak. Yes … you still have to go to work if your job requires you to be there. Unfortunately, in your material world structures, spiritually significant events are not addressed or understood. However, for those reading this newsletter, the power of the 29th will be heard, understood and appreciated.

In a year that is catapulting you to a new clean slate of spiritual expression, the 29th of 2012 is an important portal/moment of time to create from. We will liken it to the Bermuda Triangle. Ships cross through it and nothing happens. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one disappears. Why? Portals on your planet open when certain astrological alignments fall into place allowing crossover into other dimensions. Leap Day this year is one of those astrological convergences. No, you will not beam off to another planet somewhere …sorry! But you can powerfully use this day to exponentially create/recreate your intentions and desires from an expanded, intense energy grid. Take the time to meditate on your heart’s desires. See, hear, smell, taste, move, dance and sing into it. Find the joy and passion in your soul. Hold onto that energy for as many seconds, minutes and hours as possible to set the feelings into your cell’s memory banks. Allow them to settle in and become the yeast in the bread/breath of your life. March 1st they will start to expand and “bake” so they are ready to come out of the “oven” during the Spring Solstice.

February is the month of love. Give your heart and soul the gift of expanding into new dimensions of passion and desire. It is time to rise to new heights, depths and breadths of your life. Choose to leap forward utilizing the gift of extra time on February 29, 2012. We wish you happy leaping!!!


The Wise Ones