New Perspectives – September 30, 2012

The purpose of 2012 is to be an opportunity for the universes and all beings to transform themselves into a higher vibrational frequency of consciousness. You have all been in a metamorphosis state of existence mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some beings, structures and substances have fought or refused the change and had severe consequences. Most have unconsciously bumped through it. Those of you reading this newsletter have been consciously attempting to navigate the flow. My purpose in having Karen bring forth this newsletter is to let you know the easiest way to move forward in the last three months of this year.

This year in particular has kept you in an extreme pattern of releasing all emotions, structures, thoughts, jobs, activities, people, places and things that are out of alignment with your soul’s truth. It was important for this newsletter to come after the full moon of September 29th because that energy pattern has now shifted for your galaxy, Earth and you. The new energy pattern will demand the release of what you think you know and who you know yourself to be.’s definition of Metamorphosis is “a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly.” Think about it … a caterpillar is very grounded walking on many legs to see the world. Its perspective comes from looking directly forward and up. You could equate it to a two and three dimensional world. There is no “down” perspective for a caterpillar. However, a butterfly has a whole new view of life. You could call it a 4th and 5th dimensional view. Down is often its perspective as well as up, over and all around. While some of you are still completing the process of pushing out of the cocoon to gain strength in your “wings”, most of you have morphed into your capability of being a “spiritual butterfly” and now have the opportunity to see your world from a whole new angle. It is time to change your view and look at all of life as if you have never seen it before. How would a butterfly’s vantage point look anything like a caterpillar’s?

Release what you know everything in life to be – people, places, things, businesses, jobs, religions, politics, financial structures, quotes, tastes, smells, pictures, views, objects, cultures, the news, laws, etc. Look at it as if it just dropped from a spaceship and you have no idea what it is. Discover life like a baby does. Babies take in their world with a sense of wonder, fascination and curiosity, delighting in the colors, tastes, smells and feel of all objects. You have been rebirthed into new spiritual beings with wings to fly.  See life with fresh clear eyes of passion, love, peace, oneness and awe inspired optimism! That is the true gift of this ascension process. Enjoy the delight of new perspectives!!!