Now Energy – January 7, 2012

Monday is the first full moon of 2012. It is the opportunity to release the final emotional baggage that you have been holding onto. Many of you have been given the opportunity, especially in the last several months, to come full force front and center with your judgments and righteous thoughts. It is crucial, in order to fly forward in 2012 with vibrancy, that you release all of the final thoughts about yourself that are anything other than love for the beautiful light essence that you are.

What if we were to tell you that everything you desire in your life is waiting outside of the door to your light. Every complaint, every judgment, every unkind word, every insult you think about yourself, every doubt, every fear, every angry thought, every lie, every non-truth, every sarcastic remark, every sneer or snide comment, every time you gossip, etc. the door of joy, abundance and manifestations is blocked from opening and in some cases kept locked. If you want to manifest in this clear space of creativity energy open in your galaxy right now, you must release all of the above and any thoughts that resonate in the same frequency as the thoughts above.

Let us make it even clearer — whatever thoughts you are thinking at any moment will immediately seed and take hold to grow in your life when you think them. You are in NOW energy. That is the opportunity and consequence of this ascension process and the energy pattern your universe is shifting into. This is the structure that will flow in the Age of Aquarius that arrives in less than a year. You are close enough in timeframe that this structure is already falling into place. What you think will manifest quickly. Choose those thoughts from love and you will be dancing joyously in your heart light and dreams come true. If you continue to choose negative thought patterns and join in to the fear based conversations of your world, you will manifest lots more of the same.

If this message scares you, then you have thoughts to clean up and release. If this message excites you, congrats, you are in the process of flow, creativity and the joy of 2012.


The Wise Ones