Release Defensiveness – September 3, 2012

Are you feeling tousled, churned, dizzy and exhausted yet? Good, then you are flowing with the summer solstice energy wave meant to cleanse Earth and her inhabitants of all energies that are 2nd/3rd dimensional frequencies. It was no coincidence that there were two full moons (the 2nd full moon in one month is called the blue moon) in August to prepare you for the new wave of energies coming in with the Fall Solstice. Many of you experienced what Karen described as weeks on end of full moon Mondays, every day. It very much would have felt that way if you were working, living or socializing with people who have held on to their victim mentalities. And it would have felt that way if you are still holding a victim posture of your own.

Have you felt a need to explain, justify, defend, analyze or protect yourself? If you or anyone around you is, then you are still living in a 2nd/3rd dimensional existence and will continue to find the galactic energies changes overwhelming and exhausting. Love, acceptance, allowance and oneness need no explanation, justification, or protection. Only ego/fear and separatism do. Love is. There are no degrees of Love or degrees of separation within Love.

So, how do you live this when everyone on the planet has been slammed in the face by their judgments/fears/unloving thoughts and are throwing or screaming their frustrations out at the lucky person who walks by or answers the phone?  First of all, I need to point out that like frequencies attract and this “mirror” opportunity has a gift on the other side of the perception of wrong doing. You have been taught to defend yourself or others under “attack”. So it is “natural” to go into a defensive posture. The result will always be exhaustion, and a feeling of righteous indignation. The moment you can become unattached to the “assault”/outcry for help, you will then be able to respond from a neutral stance to find a solution or direct the “cry for help” to the appropriate party that has the authority to resolve the matter.

The second point I want to make is that most of you reading this newsletter are light workers, which means you will be the first point of “attack” for anyone unhappy. Unhappiness hates happiness. If you have been feeling peaceful, happy, loving and joyful, it stands to reason that you have been receiving artillery from all directions. It is easy to fall back into a defensive posture if you have not found your inner strength and crystal clear boundary of assured knowingness for who you are and the power of your Light/Love.

That is the opportunity I bring to you. Realize who you truly are. Once you do there is no reason to explain, justify, defend, analyze or protect anyone. Know that what others send out is their pain. Pull the dart out and put it down. There is no benefit from throwing, handing or stabbing it back at its creator. That will just cause them to need to release it somewhere else with more furry. Simply acknowledge them for where they are emotionally by responding with the kindness of a solution. If you don’t react to or “own” the pain they throw, you will not need to defend yourself. Instead, you will be standing in a loving/accepting posture, which is a 4th/5th dimensional existence. The sooner you can make this shift, the faster and more peacefully you will fly with the Fall Solstice energy arriving on September 22, 2012. You are Love, and a response from love will light the way for everyone you meet to flow forward in this ascension process. Choose to know who you are and celebrate your Light/Love with everyone you meet!

The Blue Moon