Spring Equinox Energy Portal – March 12, 2012

The Spring Equinox is on March 20th this year. As we stated in the last newsletter, this is a significant window of time for your ascension process. There is an energy portal opening, providing an opportunity to soar through blocks and resistance you have had in the past to opening your heart and stepping forward into your creations. The question is will you allow it?

Think back on all of the movies that have been made in your world concerning time travel. There was always a particular date and time in which a window would open up and one could cross through if at the right frequency and velocity. In 2012, the right frequency and velocity has to do with your attitude, approach, perspective, allowance, acceptance, gratefulness and willingness.

To move through and with the Spring Equinox energy you will need to accept that you are a beautiful perfect bright light of Love/God/Spirit/ Creator/Universe; all is perfect in your world; other people and beings are in the perfect place on their path; what others believe is perfect for them; life is for you; you are surrounded in love always; consciousness is always evolving; reality is a result of your thoughts, opinions and attitudes; shifting perspectives opens new pathways, and acceptance combined with gratitude are the keys to opening all doors of manifestation.

This portal is a huge opportunity of shift for you, the planet and all of the structures (banking, education, healthcare, government, business protocol, religion, etc.) in your life. It is important for all of you to continually see those structures in light and love for the greatest good of all. Trust that they will shift and flow into the perfect support structures for all concerned. A large enough mass consciousness can create this. Continuing to complain about them will empower their current design.

Use the next week to prepare your launch! We wish for all of you a delightful ride in the flow of this new dimension of time and ascension on your planet. Most importantly, choose to allow and be joy filled fun!!!


The Wise Ones