The Synergy of Loving Consciousness – November 11, 2012

Many countries on Earth are being hit hard by storms with traumatic and costly consequences. Some of this activity happens due to the changes in speed, placement and cycles occurring in planetary systems throughout your universe. However, often these intense weather patterns are being seeded, enhanced and empowered by sources that are misguided or do not wish to see Earth or other colonies like yours evolve. Some of your government structures are taking advantage of these technologies to develop geoengineering. As with everything on your planet, these technologies can be used to help or harm your environment. Initially established to help with global warming, these methods are now being used to control geothermal conditions and weather patterns. The health, homes and cities of many citizens are the target or “friendly fire” consequences of these tests.  We have been assisting you in becoming aware of this situation and helping you shift the results of the geoengineering.

Below are some links for you to learn more. This information is meant to educate. We in no way wish for you to feel like victims who have no power against these choices. You, in fact, very much do. Each of you is an electrical force. Your nervous system is your electrical circuitry. Every thought, action and deed is an electrical beam projected into the universe. Your power comes from your mind. There is a good reason for your saying “mind over matter”.

The Institute of HeartMath is actually measuring the emotional energy that is coming off of your planet and getting many of the same results that we see. When a catastrophe happens in any region of your world and you send prayers, love and support into that area, the energy of everything in that area resonates at a higher frequency. Yes, the frequency of love consciousness can actually be measured. When this happens, the dense energy of fear/victimization dissipates into light/peace.

A good analogy for you to grasp this idea is to think about a blizzard. Snow is a dense molecular structure that causes everything to slow down due to a “blanket of energy” covering it. But when the sun comes out, the snow starts melting. The brighter the sun, the faster the snow melts and the energy lifts. All storms are dense, chaotic energy. Loving thoughts are light, peaceful energy. Sending loving thoughts to storms is the equivalent of sun melting snow. Love will dissipate the density and chaos of any storm.

Each of you can make an impact. The synergy of loving consciousness has great power and can counter harmful intentions or expand helpful ones. You can and do make a difference, individually, globally and universally. We, as your galactic family, are here to support, uplift and empower your loving consciousness.

The Andromeda Council

Links to learn more:

HAARP – (10.8 min)
                                  (15.01 min)
E.L.F. TOWERS – (51 sec)