The Truth Portal – December 12, 2012

My Dearest Children/Lights,

I asked Karen to write this newsletter about the energetic opportunity opening for all of you today on 12/12/12. Many of you have been intuiting that today is a powerful gateway for the Ascension completion date of December 21st, 2012. You are correct. This new energy wave will allow all of you to raise your vibration to a new frequency of consciousness for yourself, all others, and the galaxy.

If you are standing in your truth, the wave will lift you and provide a beautifully heightened awareness of your oneness with all that is. If you have any issues that you have not been willing to look at, the energy wave will feel like someone is hammering your “first/third eye”. The upsets that have not been dealt with will certainly be fear based, since love has no issues – love … is. Fear results in victim-hood, dis-empowerment, dis-ease and emotional bondage to others. Holding onto any of these emotionally painful memories will cause you to feel anchored from flying with this newest wave of truth energy and oneness integrity arriving today.

This month has traditionally held a very powerful energy portal for two thousand and twelve years. December 25th is the date of the Forgiveness Portal. Jesus birth and purpose was to demonstrate and teach the walk of forgiveness. Every year, on that date, you have an opportunity to walk through the opening he established and forgive any perceptions, attitudes and/or righteousness that causes upset, unhappiness, dis-empowerment or anger. All of these energies set up emotional chains to the source of that pain, allowing it to rule and control you in the same way a prisoner, slave or animal is controlled by physical chains. Release the upset/chains/anger by allowing yourself and all others to experience their lessons, truth, opportunities and choices as chances to expand their light’s consciousness of love. When you can do that, you are free of anger, fear, victimhood, angst, upset and the dis-ease of carrying and storing these emotional burdens.

*Tidbits of Wisdom from the Wise Council during the radio show on 12/9/12:

Jesus – Use forgiveness energy of 12/25 on 12/12 to raise your spiritual light’s radiance by 12/21.

Buddha – Choosing to grow from opportunities results in mental freedom, personal power and provides a greater view for all of life.

Martin Luther King – Anger feeds the opposing source with energy. More of the same will result from the repeated patterns of thought, word and deed. Solutions, freedom, power and love come from forgiveness.

Mother Theresa – The ascension process is about learning how to love beyond the pain and in that place forgiveness occurs.

Karen – By loving yourself unconditionally for who you are and who you are not, you are free from the energy of pain bodies and emotional chains allowing you to serve yourself, all others and humanity in love and oneness consciousness.

Forgiveness connects you to the God within, your spiritual light, true power, connection to all that is, unconditional love and the completed ascension process. Let go of fear, un-forgiveness, and anchors of emotional chains and bondage. Choose to accept everything as an opportunity to expand your light and you will soar in today’s energy to a new height of loving, oneness consciousness with all that is on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 AM.

All-encompassing love,

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